LifeStart™ Stainless Steel AED Cabinet by JL Industries

LifeStart™ Stainless Steel AED Cabinet by JL Industries

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LifeStart™ Series Stainless Steel AED Cabinet by JL Industries. These premium cabinets have been designed to house most of the AEDs available on the market today. The cabinets are constructed of #4 brushed stainless steel with a white powder-coat finish on the interior tub. The formed door comes with 1-1/4” trim, mounted in a 5/8” door stop with a zinc-plated handle, a roller door catch, and a continuous hinge. You can view your AED through a clear acrylic window with graphics.

All cabinets include the 85db Commander Alarm. You can turn the alarm off for AED inspection by inserting the included 3.5mm plug into the opening on the top of the alarm or by depressing the door plunger.

Use the dropdown window above to select the cabinet style and trim options available. Trim Style & Depth: Fully-Recessed – 3/8” flat trim, Semi-Recessed – 1-1/2” square edge or 3” rolled edge.  Surface-mount has a square edge. Fully-recessed and semi-recessed cabinets are ADAC-Compliant.

Alternate Part Number(s): 1439F12, 1435F12, 1436F12, 1437F12

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