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Cabinet Frequently Asked Questions

  • AED Cabinets are non-locking, allowing quick access to the AED in the event of an emergency.
  • Alarm and Strobe Lights on all AED cabinets are battery powered and have a "low battery chirp" to signal the need for battery replacement. No external A/C power hookup is required. 9V battery is included. Key switch is included to activate Strobe and/or Alarm system.
  • Alarm cabinets have the following user configurable setting features:
    • Alarm sounds when door is opened, silences when door is closed.
    • Alarm sounds when door is opened, silences with key only.
    • Alarm sounds for only 30 seconds when door is opened.
    • Alarm sounds for 3 minutes when door is opened.
  • User has the option to connect alarm to an external security monitoring system.

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