HeartSine samaritan Pediatric-Pak

Part #: PAD-PAK-02
Battery and Pad Combination!
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HeartSine samaritan Pediatric-Pak
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HeartSine samaritan AED Pediatric Pad-Pak

The HeartSine samaritan AED Pediatric Pad-Pak contains one set of pediatric electrode pads plus one battery for the HeartSine samaritan 350P/360P/450P AED. This combination pack has one expiration date for worry-free maintenance. These batteries have the capacity to provide over 6 hours of continuous monitoring or 30 shocks in most cases.

The Pediatric Pad-Pak is indicated for use on children between 1 and 8 years of age or up to 55 lbs. (25 kg).

*Please note: For use with HeartSine 'Pediatric Ready' PAD units only. Please verify your HeartSine PAD AED is labeled SAM300P, SAM350P, or SAM450P on the back of the device.

HeartSine samaritan Pad-Pak Specifications

  • Made from lithium
  • Non-rechargeable
  • Part #: PAD-PAK-02
  • Free shipping on online orders over $99+
  • 4-year life in stand-by mode
  • Has the capacity to deliver up to 30 shocks (6 hours of continuous operation) in most cases
  • Alternate part #: 11516-000004, 300P, 350P, PAD 300P, PAD 300, SAM 300P, SAM 300

How to Replace Your HeartSine samaritan Pediatric Pad-Pak

  1. Lay the device face down to reveal the Pad-Pak
  2. Gripping the tabs on the bottom of the device, slide the old Pad-Pak from the device
  3. Take the new Pad-Pak and press into the open slot until you hear a click
  4. Verify the status indicator is flashing green to ensure your device is ready for rescue

Compatible HeartSine samaritan AEDs

Alternate Part Number(s): PAD-PAK-02, 11516-000004, 300P, 350P, PAD 300P, PAD 300, SAM 300P, SAM 300

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