AIVIA 300/320 Indoor/Outdoor Cabinet with Internet, Fan, Alarm & Optional Heater, Phone, Imaging

Part #: U2A3
Audible and visual alarm system, cooling fan and optional heater, photo surveillance, and phone system.
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AIVIA 300/320 Indoor/Outdoor Cabinet with Internet, Fan, Alarm & Optional Heater, Phone, Imaging
AIVIA 300/320 Indoor/Outdoor Cabinet with Internet, Fan, Alarm & Optional Heater, Phone, Imaging
  • AIVIA 300/320 Indoor/Outdoor Cabinet with Internet, Fan, Alarm & Optional Heater, Phone, Imaging



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AIVIA® 300 and 320 Indoor/Outdoor Cabinet by HD1PY, Inc. Intelligently designed for either indoor or outdoor AED storage, The AIVIA 300 or 320 is a lighted wall mount cabinet capable of storing any size, any model AED. Ruggedly constructed using red ABS plastic for the chassis with a clear anti-UV polycarbonate cover, Using these advanced materials means AIVIA cabinets are extremely lightweight and durable. Having a clear cover allows for easy inspection of the AED inside without opening the door. 

With the alarm feature engaged, removing the AED from the cabinet will immediately trigger a visual alarm with flashing red LEDs as well as an audible alarm (103dB). When the ambient light conditions are low, a luminosity sensor will automatically activate flashing white LEDs which will help identify the location of the AIVIA cabinet. The fan and optional convection heating system combine to make a completely climate-controlled environment which maintains the temperature within the recommended allowance for your AED.

The AIVIA 300/320 cabinets also feature 24/7 monitoring via AIVIAnet server, which is a software application which provides monitoring of the cabinet and the presence of the AED. Features of the AIVIAnet server include:
  • A multilingual version requiring a username and password for access to the server
  • Incidents displayed with the possibility of  verifying and logging information and events
  • Several cabinets may be monitored as to the presence of the AED, photos taken upon opening the cabinets, control systems, alarms
  • Programmable to send emails/SMS alerts to one or more recipients should an incident occur
  • Record keeping of past incidents
  • Color-coded data interpretation
  • Geolocation of any AIVIA cabinet connected to the network
You can also use AIVIAnet to set up online configuration and maintenance of the cabinets. A two-year subscription to AIVIAnet is included with each cabinet purchase. Additional yearly subscriptions are available for purchase after the two-year subscription has expired.

The AIVIA 300 model comes with a ventilation fan, audible and visual alarm, AED presence sensor, and ambient lighting. There is also an LCD screen which displays the cabinet status (i.e. power on, AED in) and incidents. You can also choose a convection heating device and add an infrared lens which will take a picture when the cabinet is opened and if the AED is removed.  Alarms, cabinet status, incidents and events, and photos can be sent to a location of your choosing via ethernet connection to a PC or tablet, or to a smartphone via 4G.

The AIVIA 320 model cabinet includes the same standard items (alarm, lights & fan) with the same selectable options available (heater, photo lens). The 320 also has an optional call button which is used to activate a GSM/3G hands-free telephone module. What more could you possibly want in an indoor/outdoor cabinet?

Mounting your AIVIA cabinet could not be easier. The included template allows you to drill holes in the wall to match up with the pre-drill holes in the cabinet chassis.

The alarm, lights, fan, optional heater, and infrared lens are powered by the included 24VDC Power Supply. Please note: The power supply must be hard-wired into your facility's electrical system by a licensed electrician.

The AIVIA 300 and 320 are rugged yet feature-filled solutions for storing your AED. Weight - 8.5 lbs. Dimensions - Length: 15 1/4"; Height: 16 5/8"; Depth: 7 15/16". 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Please note: The SIM card for the phone feature is not included with the cabinet, and will need to be obtained by the customer.

Important information from HD1PY Tech Support:
The AIVIA 320 allows emergency phone calls as well as data communication with a server for the remote hardware monitoring. In standard, the AIVIA 320 should be equipped with a SIM card to allow both features and get the installation operational. DATA could work with a LAN cable, but phone calls will still require a SIM card. With AT&T, you can get a SIM card to allow data communication and 911 phone calls. With T-Mobile, you can get a SIM card to allow data communication and 911 or any other telephone number to preset. With Verizon, HD1PY (Aivia) is in the process of arranging this functionality so as to get the AIVIA’s modems compatible with Verizon. Therefore, at this point in time, we would advise having an AT&T or T-MOBILE Sim card according to needs.

Alternate Part Number(s): U2A300UEX110, U2A300UEX111, U2A300UEX120, U2A300UEX121, U2A300U4X110, U2A300U4X111, U2A300U4X120, U2A300U4X121, U2A320UEH110, U2A320UEH111, U2A320UEH120, U2A320UEH121

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