G3 StatVest Safety Vest by StatPacks

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G3 StatVest Safety Vest by StatPacks
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StatPacks' G3 StatVest Safety Vest is an ANSI safety vest and has been designed for roadway accidents and medics who require a highway EMS vest. The StatVest Safety Vest has high fluorescent visibility which will keep emergency personnel safe. At StatPacks Medic security is our first concern. Originally, the G3 StatVest was designed for MCI’s and Medics who require both a pack and a safety vest, allowing them to consolidate their gear. The G3 StatVest style allows the wearer to put the vest on or off quickly and keep their vital tools close at hand.

One adjustable size fits everyone on staff comfortably. The Advanced EMS vest is also an ergonomic alternative for medics who cannot, or choose not to, wear a backpack. The Advanced EMS Vest also includes 4 zippered pockets for additional gear and supplies. Both styles come with removable EMS plates, which can be interchanged with other identifying plates, like "FIRE". Therefore, the G3 StatVest Safety Vest is not only just for Medics. You can make sure your traffic controllers, crossing guards, parking operators, road crews, and other outdoor workers are visible to the traffic around them.

Each vest includes one set of blue EMS nameplates (two small front plates and one large back plate) of your choice. Additional or custom nameplates can also be ordered for an additional charge. Select the Basic or the Advanced Vest by using the dropdown window above.

Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 2 Weight: 1 lb.

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