ECG Simulator for ZOLL R Series Defibrillators

Part #: 8000-1629
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ECG Simulator for ZOLL R Series Defibrillators
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This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please see the 12-Lead ECG Simulator for ZOLL ALS Devices for a suitable replacement.

ECG Simulator for ZOLL R Series, M Series, 1600, PD 2000/D 2000, PD 1400/D 1400, and PD 1200/D 900 Devices. The simulator attaches to these devices through a standard ZOLL Multi-Function Cable and a 3-Lead ECG Patient Cable. Three ECG snap-on buttons on the right side of the simulator are for attachment of ZOLL ECG patient cables and will display LEAD I, II, and III signals. These will show the RA, LA, and LL ECG signals normally seen by the ECG monitor through a 3-lead patient cable. The Simulator can provide ECG rhythm displays to the pacing/defibrillator unit via the Multi-Function Cable.

Defibrillator Training Waveforms:
VF - approx. 200 bpm
VT-HI - 185 bpm
VT-LO - 140 bpm
AFIB - 160-175 bpm
AFLTR - 160 bpm
PSVT - 216 & 72 bpm
NSR - 72 bpm
ASYS - 0 bmp

Pacer Training Waveforms:
S BRDY - 40 bpm
2nd II - 50-60 bpm
3rd - 38 bpm
1st - 50 bpm
2nd I - 50-60 bpm
T de P - 140 bpm

Operates on a single 9-volt battery, and features an auto-off battery saver. Includes operator's manual and 90-day warranty.

Alternate Part Number(s): 8000-1629

The simulator is a great tool. Just used it this past week for an ACLS course and was great.
Reviewed by:  Philomena from Willow Grove,Pa on 9/24/2015

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