Defibtech Lifeline or Lifeline AUTO AED Pediatric Defibrillation Electrode Pads - DDP-200P

Part #: DDP-200P
Use these electrode pads for child defibrillation
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Defibtech Lifeline or Lifeline AUTO AED Pediatric Defibrillation Electrode Pads - DDP-200P
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These unique defibrillation electrode pads from Defibtech reduce the energy level from the AED to a child-appropriate "dose".

For use on pediatric patients up to 8 years of age and less than 55 lbs, they plug in where the adult pads are normally connected. Buy a set to go with your adult electrode pads and you'll be ready for a patient of any age with your Defibtech Lifeline™ or Lifeline AUTO AED.

Great and timely service.
Reviewed by:  Lacey Hamilton from Carmel on 8/19/2021
Quality product.
Reviewed by:  Angie from Mexico MO on 9/21/2015
Aed Pads
Quick, easy, online transaction and a great price.
Reviewed by:  Ron from Maryland on 1/7/2015
Good Product
The overall quality of the pediatric pad is great. My only qualm is the price. The pediatric pad is almost 3 times the price of the adult pad. I don't understand the reason for this drastic price difference between the two.

AED Superstore Staff Note: Thanks for your great feedback! We do everything we can to keep our prices low, but unfortunately pediatric electrode pads are always more expensive than adult electrode pads. This pricing is set by the manufacturer - these electrodes are more expensive because most contain attenuators to reduce the amount of energy delivered to pediatric patients, and because pediatric pads are less frequently purchased.

Reviewed by:  Jace from Texas on 6/14/2014
The Pads arrived quickly, thank you. As they are sealed, and will remain sealed until needed in an emergency, I am unable to report on their function. I still have the old pads which they replaced, still sealed. If you would like to stop by, I could open the sealed pads and test them.
Reviewed by:  Douglas from Irving, TX on 5/26/2014

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