Defibtech Lifeline or Lifeline AUTO AED Adult Defibrillation Electrode Pads - DDP-100

Part #: DDP-100
Replacement Adult Electrode Pads for your Defibtech Lifeline or Lifeline AUTO AED
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Defibtech Lifeline or Lifeline AUTO AED Adult Defibrillation Electrode Pads - DDP-100

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Quality Defibtech replacement electrode pads for your Defibtech Lifeline™ or Lifeline AUTO AED. These defibrillation electrode pads are single-use and disposable. We suggest buying an extra pair to keep your AED in service in the event of a rescue. And don't forget to replace your pediatric defibrillation electrodes, too!

Remember to pre-connect your electrodes by plugging the cord in to your Defibtech Lifeline or Lifeline AUTO AED. Store the electrode pouch in the rear slot of the AED.

Technical Specifications:

Type: Adult
Intended use: Disposable
Adhesion: Self-adhesive
Active gel surface area: 103 cm2 each (nominal)
Cable / connector type: Integrated
Cable length: 122 cm (typical)

Camp Ranger
Disappointed that the pads are only good for 18 months. (According to the expiration date on the pack.) I always thought they were supposed to last at least 2 years. Honestly I think its a gimmick to sell more pads because I recently opened a pack that was 5 years past expiration and the adhesive was perfect. For legal and ethical reasons I would not want to use expired pads in a real emergency, however I am curious about why they have such a short life-span.
Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer)  David Matterness from Greenpoint, PA on 5/1/2023
Emergency Preparedness, Chair
Our community needed an overhaul and review of 7 AEDs on campus. The AEDSuperstore was the answer to all our problems and concerns. Product availability, price, and service were all top notch.
Reviewed by:  Sandra from Wilsonville, OR on 11/7/2022
church council member
Thankfully we have not needed to use this yet - Purchased to replace original expired electrode pad - disappointed that the expiration date for this one is only a little over a year - expensive for a small church to have to replace that often
Reviewed by:  Amanda from PA on 11/5/2022
School Nurse
I am very pleased with AED Superstore, because my orders are always correct and delivered in a timely manner.
Reviewed by:  Stephanie Simmons from Burkeville on 4/6/2022
RN; AED Program Coordinator for large church
Always great service, whether phone or online! Very reasonable prices, especially since this is funded for our church by our small fraternal organization.
Reviewed by:  Tony D from Metro Detroit area on 3/17/2022

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