CPR RsQ Assist with Carrying Case

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"When your hands need a hand™"
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CPR RsQ Assist with Carrying Case
CPR RsQ Assist with Carrying Case
  • CPR RsQ Assist with Carrying Case

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call us at 800-544-0048 so we may discuss your alternatives.

CPR RsQ Assist with Carrying Case.
A totally new device that helps make "hands-only" CPR easier and more effective. The innovative design of the CPR RsQ Assist allows the trained or untrained bystander to deliver high-quality chest compressions at the proper pace and depth.
Performing effective CPR can be difficult and tiring. CPR RsQ Assist's ergonomic design and easy-to-grip non-slip handle allows you to use your upper body strength and weight as you push downward, making it easier to deliver life-saving chest compressions.
CPR RsQ Assist also provides easy-to-follow voice commands and includes an audio/visual metronome. The flashing red light and voice prompts guide you through the CPR process, giving the rescuer complete confidence in their ability to perform chest compressions immediately and effectively.
CPR RsQ Assist is so easy to use, no formal training is required to use this device. Simply turn on the the red button (after you call 911), and follow the voice commands. Place the device in the center of the chest and push hard and fast. Following the metronome will set your pace at 100 chest compressions per minute over 2 minutes.
The CPR RsQ Assist is cleared for over-the-counter use, no prescription required, and is approved for adult and children patients 8 years and older. CPR RsQ Assist can be stored in its own wall cabinet, and is now available in English, English 30:2, Spanish, and French (see dropdown box for options). Not for use on patients under the age of 8 years old. Due to sanitary considerations, CPR RsQ Assist is recommended one-time-use only. As a training device, it may be used multiple times. 90-day warranty.

Alternate Part Number(s): 11919, 11920, 11921, 11922, 11925, 11926, 11927, 11928

CPR req assist is helpful w the pace during compression's. Breathing directions are 2 quick.Does not allow adequate time to provide 2 full ventilation's.
Reviewed by:  Suzanne from Ripon WI on 9/25/2015
CPR RsQ Assist
Excellent product. Every home should have one.
Reviewed by:  Lynn from Kalispell on 9/13/2015
Well worth the cost for this potentially life-saving device! Purchased it for both daughters homes, too. Easy to understand and use, great guidance provided by the device, and practical packaging make this a must have addition to the home (helpful to neighbors, too).
Reviewed by:  Tom from Alexandria, Virginia on 9/3/2015
Clarity in use for training
Everything appears to meet specification. Our intent was to use the device with a suitable training subject, BUT the instructions say, "Replace after each use", or words to that effect. Accordingly, it precludes it's use for training. Is there a solution to this problem without purchasing a second device?

AED Superstore Staff Note: Thanks for your feedback! As a training device, you can use the CPR RsQ Assist multiple times!

Reviewed by:  R. W. from Arlington, VA on 10/10/2014
no upwards suction pull
The device appears as if it is the plumbers plunger device that pulls upwards on the chest on the CPRupstroke, but it does not develop suction attachement. I keep sink types of plungers with my AED for such purpose, and there are medical devices approved in europe that formalize the functionality. My Zoll AED CPR appliance blocks the function of suction upstroke plunger devices.
Reviewed by:  Francis from los angeles CA on 8/31/2014
CPR RsQ Assist
Great product. We operate a 90,000sf fitness facility with over 2,500 members. I had my son who is a professional paramedic and a CPR/AED instructor to look at the product and he liked it for the public setting. The biggest problem with novice applied CPR is cadence. This product answers that problem plus keeps a count. The design also helps to ensure proper compressions. Planning on buying more so one is with every AED unit.
Reviewed by:  David from Potter on 8/27/2014
CPR Assist
Have not had an opportunity to use this item (thankfully) however I saw it demonstrated on a morning show. It is simple to operate and in an emergency would be useful to someone who does not know CPR. Easy to follow instructions.
Reviewed by:  Helen from Lexington, VA on 8/9/2014
CPR RsQ Assist Offer
Product appears as advertised. Only exception is that the item instruction booklet packed within lists it as a one time use device. I don't recall reading that in the advertisement. Maybe I overlooked that one small detail.
Reviewed by:  John from DPO, AA on 8/4/2014
Great product !!
Recommending this as a product for all of my friends and family members.
Reviewed by:  Keith from Valparaiso on 8/2/2014
Don't waste your money
This is a piece of junk that is not worth the money. I do not recommend it. I would give it ZERO stars but the lowest I can rate it is 1 star.
Reviewed by:  Joseph from Hazlet, NJ on 8/2/2014
CPR RsQ Assist
I am not as strong as I used to be, so I think this will be a great help in performing CPR if needed in the future.
Reviewed by:  Sandra from - on 7/28/2014

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