Cardiac Science Powerheart® AED G3 Plus

Cardiac Science Powerheart® AED G3 Plus
Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Plus Package

AED Superstore stocks the AED G3 Plus version equipped with Rescue Coach CPR help.

Cardiac Science Powerheart® AED G3 Plus

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AED Superstore stocks the AED G3 Plus version equipped with Rescue Coach CPR help.

What's Included:

  • Powerheart® AED G3 Plus with 7-Year Warranty
  • Two Sets of Adult Electrode Pads
  • Intellisense® Battery Pack with 4-Year Warranty
  • Quick Start Tool Kit CD: Training Demo/Unit Software
  • Soft Carry Case
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Professional Review:
There is a lot to like about the Cardiac Science G3. For starters, it has a proprietary feature called RescueCoachTM which provides clear voice and on-screen instructions to walk a user through the rescue process, as well as a metronome to keep the rescuer on time while providing CPR. It also has two non-polarized pads, which means there is one less thing a rescuer needs to think about. It uses Cardiac Science’s proprietary STAR® biphasic technology to calculate electrical impedance of the patient and escalates the energy levels to deliver therapy at an appropriate higher level, should the patient require a second shock.
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Reviewed by: Mike Carlin EMT

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Available in both automatic and semi-automatic models, the Cardiac Science PowerHeart G3 Plus AED is ideal for lay rescuers to use in public access defibrillation areas.


  • RESCUE READY® technology
    • Self-checks all main AED components daily
    • Completes a partial charge of the high-voltage electronics weekly
    • Completes a full charge of the high-voltage electronics monthly
  • RescueCoach™ Prompting & CPR metronome
    • Clear on-screen text and voice prompts guide the user through the rescue process
    • CPR metronome keeps rescuer on pace to perform compressions accurately
    • Text screen also provides information to emergency medical professionals when they arrive
  • Non-polarized electrode pads
    • Two identical, non-polarized electrode pads can be placed at either location on the victim’s chest.
    • One less step to worry about during a rescue
  • Escalating Energy levels
    • STAR biphasic technology calculates electrical impedance
    • Escalates energy to delivery therapy at an appropriate higher level should the patient require a second shock
  • IntelliSense battery
    • Communicates performance condition, age, storage temperature, and other vital information directly to your Powerheart G3
    • 4 year warranty
  • Soft carry case included
  • 7 year warranty


  • Semi-automatic
    • One button operation
    • AED turns on when cover is lifted
  • Fully-automatic
    • No buttons to push
    • AED turns on when cover is lifted
  • Hard case

Alternate Part Number(s): 9390A-501, 9390A-501P, 9390E-501, 9390E-501P, 9300A-201, 9300A-501, 9300C-201, 9300E-201, 9300E-501, 9300A-201WP, 9300A-501WP, 9300C-201WP, 9300E-201WP, 9300E-501WP, 9390E-1001P, 9390A-1001P, 9390A-001, 9390A-101, 9390A-01, 9390E-001, 9390E-101, 9390E-01, 9390A-1001, 9390E-1001

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Cardiac Science Powerheart
We purchased a number of these several years ago for our physician offices to standardize equipment to ensure easy training and proper use when staff have to work at various locations. A new office opened and we were looking for the same unit since it had performed well. We had to purchase the pediatric pads separately to achieve our purpose. The unit is exactly what we need, arrived promptly, and is ready at our new office if needed.
Reviewed by: Angela from Colbert, Georgia on 8/13/2015
School Nurse
This AED is a very easy AED for school personnel and lay persons to use. There are no buttons that have to be pushed, and it clearly directs the response person to what they have to do.
Reviewed by: Karen F. from on 2/4/2014
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