Cardiac Science Backpack for Powerheart® G3 & G5 AEDs

Part #: XBPAED001A
Enclosed backpack keeps your Cardiac ScienceG3 or G5 AED ready for transport
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Cardiac Science Backpack for Powerheart<sup>®</sup> G3 & G5 AEDs
Backpack (AED is NOT Included)

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Enclosed Rescue Backpack for the Powerheart® G3 & G5 AEDs. Keep your Powerheart AED and its accessories ready to move when needed. Ideal for mobile transport, bicycle patrols, search and rescue teams, or when you need to have your G3 or G5 AED ready to go whenever, wherever. Features an easily accessible compartment for the AED, and a roomy separate compartment for its accessories and essential supplies.

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