Cardiac Insight develops innovative, patented technologies for cardiac diagnostics designed to uniquely enhance clinical efficacy to the benefit of patients, physicians, and clinicians.

Often, the first sign of a potentially fatal,
cardiac condition is sudden death.

Dr. Jonathan Drezner, MD

Every 72 hours a U.S. athlete experiences sudden cardiac death. Change the Game!

CardeaScreen™, a highly portable handheld 12-lead ECG system, is the only diagnostic device incorporating “The Seattle Criteria” athlete-specific interpretation standards resulting in the lowest false positive findings and ultimately saving lives.

It is designed to assist in the cardiac risk evaluation of individuals 14 years of age and over who are starting or participating in competitive sports. Current research shows the traditional Pre-Participation Exam (PPE), consisting of a physical exam, a traditional ECG evaluation, and a review of family history, has low sensitivity and high cost relative to the ECG in detecting cardiac abnormalities.


CardeaScreen assists the physician in determining when further evaluation is recommended before the athlete participates in competitive sports. In addition, CardeaScreen allows physicians to input responses to specific PPE questions developed by the American Heart Association, as well as enter patient demographic information and previous symptoms of cardiac disease. CardeaScreen can also play an important role in health management by identifying individuals with conditions whose quality of life may degrade in later years.

Cardea Screen’s custom algorithms can help physicians quickly and accurately identify abnormal cardiac conditions that may lead to SCA or other quality-of-life limiting conditions through high-quality ECGs and easy-to-use tools for over-reading and reporting.

  • Proprietary algorithm designed to include The Seattle Criteria
  • Response to specific American Heart Association PPE screening questions
  • Previous indications and symptoms of cardiac disease
  • ECG signal recording for 16 seconds
  • Automatic processing and interpretation of the ECG
  • Interactive editing of global phase picks (i.e. location of Pon, Poff, Q, S, and end of T)
  • Over-reading, editing, and confirmation of the ECG interpretation
  • Secure email support for collaborative ECG review
  • Entry of selected echocardiographic data commonly recorded during PPE screening
  • Diagnostic chronology logging
  • User preference management
  • Cohort reporting


The high cost of false-positive ECG tests, and the associated costs of unnecessary follow-on diagnostic testing, have historically limited ECG screening to very select populations of high-profile athletes. The CardeaScreen algorithms have substantially lowered the false-positive rate, bringing the fully burdened cost of testing down to a point where ECG screening in high schools and colleges is becoming recognized as a best practice. Furthermore, the CardeaScreen system is priced at a very attractive point that is well below most quality systems on the market. It connects via Bluetooth® wireless technology with analysis software that runs on a standard Windows-based PC, so over-reading and collaboration with other medical professionals is easily accomplished.

Used in clinical and non-clinical settings by:

  • Pediatricians
  • Primary care physicians
  • Cardiologists
  • Sports team physicians
  • Professional trainers
  • Community screening organizations


High-quality results start with high-quality data. The CardeaScreen™ ECG transmitter digitizes at 1000 Hz and a resolution of 1 µVolt.

The real-time recording screen continuously displays all the ECG trace data that will be analyzed, helping the clinician correct patient motion and other noise artifacts that commonly degrade ECG quality.

The single click of a button stops the recording and automatically analyzes the ECG, providing diagnostic interpretation and recommendations.

Cardiac conditions known to increase risk trigger a recommendation for further clinical evaluation.

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