ZOLL announces new and improved “CPR-D” electrode pads


     ZOLL’s unique single-piece electrode pads keep getting better and better! Known as their CPR-D padz, they were the first one-piece AED electrode system and came with an unprecedented 4-year shelf life and supported the ZOLL AED Plus‘ CPR feedback feature.

Earlier this year ZOLL announced an extended shelf-life of 5-years for their CPR-D padz.

Today, they proudly announce other key improvements like:

Lower Profile CPR Sensor
The new low profile shape of the CPR sensor lends itself to better contour to the victim’s chest resulting in a more even distribution of force and pressure.


     Added Convenience
The low profile CPR sensor takes up less space and reduces bulk; therefore storage beneath the lid is now more convenient.

     Added Comfort
We’ve added extra foam layers and embedded the CPR sensor in the foam for optimal comfort to the rescuer’s hand while performing CPR.

     Added Safety
The cable on the CPR-D padz is now 43 inches (1.1 meter) long.  The extra 6 inches leaves more room for maneuverability and greater distance between victim and AED.

     Added Ruggedness – A new protective handgrip is now located on the connector; it serves as both a protective layer for the wires and provides a convenient easy grip for the user to connect and disconnect the pad from the AED.

     The AED Superstore ships all ZOLL AED Plus and select AED PRO devices complete with these new and improved CPR-D padz!

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