ZOLL AED 3 Approved by FDA for Public Access

All new features including WiFi capabilities!

The FDA has given ZOLL the green light to sell its technologically advanced ZOLL AED® 3 for use by the general public. What sets the ZOLL AED 3 apart from other AEDs? Let’s take a look at some of the features included in ZOLL’s latest offering:

Real CPR Help®

While ZOLL is not the only manufacturer to offer an AED with a screen, it is the first to incorporate familiar touch technology which allows the user to set up their AED’s configuration and access data stored on the device. This full-color screen also provides rescue images to assist the rescuer, giving them real-time CPR feedback which includes both rate and depth of compressions. 

One-Button Pediatric Use

While many AEDs use special electrode pads which have attenuators attached for pediatric use, the ZOLL AED 3 uses the same pads and requires only the push of a button to switch between adult and pediatric (up to 55 lbs) treatment. No separate electrode pads to swap out means less time before the first shock can be administered. 

WiFi Enabled for Management

The ZOLL AED 3 comes with built-in WiFi connectivity capabilities to make maintaining and monitoring your AED simple. It can transmit errors after self-tests and alert those responsible for maintaining the AED the device needs attention. In addition, cardiac arrest event data can be shared wirelessly with medical professionals.   

Smart Battery

The worst time to find out your battery needs to be replaced is during a rescue, but the ZOLL AED 3 can help you avoid that situation. It is able to show its power level right on the device’s LCD screen, or it can report it to your program management system via the built-in WiFi.  The battery also has an exceptional lifespan of 5 years from the time of installation, and costs significantly less than other smart batteries on the market.

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March 23, 2021 at 11:54 am, Diane said:

I currently live in Costa Rica and would like to bring and AED from the United States in May 2021.
I am trying to find out of I can bring the AED on the plane either as a carry on or put in my luggage.
If anyone can let me know their experience with traveling I would greatly appreciate your insight.

Thank you


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