Wyatt’s Story

Wyatt’s mother, Annie, contacted us in early August to get a quote on an AED. Wyatt has Noonan Syndrome and has been through 15 surgeries in his short 12 years. According to Annie, he has beaten the odds several times by his sheer will to live. As part of his syndrome, he has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and had a pulmonary stenosis repaired when he was just two months old. When he was seven years old he was told he could not participate in competitive sports or PE and recently he was told he is in a high category of risk for sudden cardiac death. He is too young for an internal defibrillator (ICD) at this time but should be able to have one within the next three to five years. Until then, an AED is Wyatt’s best chance for survival should he go into SCD. His school district does not have AEDs at their schools.

Annie reached out to her insurance company but has been sent through hoop after hoop fighting red tape all the way. His school is apprehensive about Wyatt attending with his current diagnosis since there is no AED available should he have a cardiac event. When sales associate Rorie Schmitz at AED Superstore talked with Annie about Wyatt’s situation and the difficulties they were facing, he reached out to the donation committee to see if there was anyone who had not selected their AED donation recipient.

Mitch Meinhart, one of our fine accounting team members, heard Wyatt’s story and chose to donate his AED to make sure this young man has one less thing to worry about when he goes to school. When she heard about the donation, Annie sent this message:

Oh my goodness!!!!

THANK YOU!!! And thank you to your team!! I am crying and so grateful.

The whole family is grateful!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rorie says “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be involved in anything close to something like saving lives or helping people with things that are the most important in life.” Mitch feels the same, “When I read Wyatt’s story and made the donation, it felt great to do something that would have such an immediate, profound, and positive impact on his life.” Here at AED Superstore, we love happy endings, and we wish Wyatt and his family all the best.

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