Safety Essentials for College Students


Starting college is an exciting time for students as they embark on a new chapter of their lives. Transitioning to college often means for many living away from home for the first time and adapting to a whole new environment. Recognizing that unfamiliar surroundings present unexpected dangers and risks is essential when packing and preparing for a student’s new life. Students can protect themselves and others as they venture into their next chapter by learning what they must be ready for and equipping themselves with the proper safety essentials.

Why College Students Need to be Prepared 

College is filled with exciting experiences, but it’s crucial to acknowledge that potential dangers may arise in the next four years. Some common risks include:


    • Transportation: Many students live in on-campus dorm rooms, off-campus apartments, or shared housing. Some students may commute to classes via the bus, bicycling, or walking, as many students can’t bring a car on campus. Poor transportation or location of living makes access to medical facilities more limited. 
    • Campus Safety: College campuses can often be bustling with activities, from campus events to outdoor sporting events, and even social gatherings, and it’s not uncommon for accidents or health emergencies to occur on or off campus. 
    • Medical Issues: With any significant change in life, college can be a time of increased stress and anxiety, academically and personally. A change in location and constant exposure to large crowds of individuals can heighten the chances of sickness, injury, and, naturally, stress and anxiety.


However, even with all of these risk factors, having the proper training and equipment on hand can provide temporary relief, confidence, and, most importantly, the potential to use new skills to keep a peer or even a new friend alive during a severe medical emergency.  


Safety Must-Haves for College Students 

Back-to-school prep for a first-year college student can take months of preparation, but adding these few life-saving tools to your checklist can add an extra layer of security and peace of mind for a student and their loved ones. 


FAO 10-Person First Aid Kit 

A first aid kit should be #1 on all college students’ checklists. The FAO 10-Person First Aid Kit contains essential medical supplies for minor injuries like scrapes, burns, and bleeds. A well-stocked first aid kit can ensure students have the necessary resources to handle common accidents, from bandages and antiseptics to scissors and gloves.

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CPR/AED & First Aid Training – Adult 

Along with a first aid kit, CPR training is a valuable skill that college students should consider. Knowing how to perform CPR can mean the difference between life and death in critical situations such as cardiac arrest or drowning incidents. This American Red Cross CPR/AED and first aid training can equip students with the knowledge and skills to respond confidently if a friend or peer is in need. This virtual course is ideal for students as they can take it on their own time to fit their busy schedules.


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LifeVac Travel Kit 

Choking is a frightening and potentially life-threatening emergency that students may encounter when dining in college residences or crowded dining halls. The LifeVac Travel Kit is a portable suction device that can be used in a choking emergency to dislodge an item blocking an airway in a choking victim. Students may have limited time to eat between classes or could be rushing to finish a meal which can increase their risk of choking. This kit provides an easy life-saving tool that can help quickly clear airway obstructions when traditional methods fail.

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By recognizing the potential dangers and equipping themselves with the necessary safety essentials, students can navigate their new college towns with newfound confidence and an extra layer of security. These tools address immediate safety concerns and can provide students with valuable skills and resources that extend beyond their college years. For more safety kit essentials, visit our rescue products page or contact us at 800-686-2190.


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