Introducing ReaLifeSim IV Trainers by B&G Educational Innovations, LLC

“Because your training can save a life, we've added Life to your training” - B & G Educational Innovations

B & G Educational Innovations, LLC’s, ReaLifeSim IV trainers are truly something unique when it comes to teaching students how to locate vessels to place IV’s.  Realistic size, skin feel, and flashback give the student immediate feedback. Durable construction (30+ sticks) with a protective layer ensures repeated practice opportunities that quickly build confidence and competence.

In an interview with co-founder Elizabeth Benson on how the company was started, she tells the story of a class she was teaching in which her husband was playing one of the “victims” students had to evaluate and decide what actions to take.  “The student walks up to my husband, looks him over, simulates starting an IV and my husband started screaming at the top of his lungs. The room went silent.  I asked him what he was doing and he said the student never said a word to him, didn’t tell him what he was going to do, just stuck a needle in his arm.” He then asked her, “Wouldn’t you scream?” says Elizabeth.  They realized these students weren’t learning any interpersonal communication skills and decided to develop a product which not only gave the students the physical skill-set to palpate the arm, find the vein and administer a “good stick”, but a product which could be worn by a live person who could interact with the student. 

The real beauty of this ReaLifeSim IV Trainerproduct is its versatility. Standard size ReaLifeSim IV trainers can be worn by a person or they can be used on a manikin.  They also come in infant and pediatric sizes, although those are primarily meant to be placed on a manikin.  Each trainer has replaceable veins which can be positioned differently each time it is used.

Purchase your ReaLifeSim IV trainer here.

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