Product Focus: ZOLL AED Plus


Go to AED Superstore’s home page  – what do you see? Today, there are fifteen different AEDs from six different manufacturers. All AEDs function in the same manner: turn the device on, follow the instructions to place the electrode pads on the patient, let the machine analyze the patient, and then deliver the shock, if needed. What could be more simple and why so many choices? What makes one AED different from another? This Product Focus blog series will help answer these questions.

All AEDs analyze heart rhythms and are capable of delivering a shock, either manually or automatically. Most have metronomes for proper CPR pacing, and some even offer audio support during CPR. How about an AED with CPR coaching and feedback? Consider the ZOLL AED Plus® with Real CPR Help®! This AED can actually “see” what you are doing during CPR, and tell you how well you are doing. When dealing with cardiac arrest, there are often occasions where no shock is advised. In this scenario, effective CPR is critical until EMS arrives. Real CPR Help is the key and can make a real difference in the outcome – we can surely use all the help we can get!

In a cardiac arrest, the AED plays a huge role in the rescue. However, using an AED is only part of the overall process. CPR is a necessary procedure which can mean the difference between a positive outcome or tragedy. Real CPR Help is a ZOLL exclusive feature! Using data provided directly from the CPR-D Padz™, the ZOLL AED Plus is able to ascertain if the rescuer’s chest compressions are at the proper rate and depth. Real CPR Help recognizes the compression depth and will prompt with either “Good Compressions” or “Push Harder” to assist the rescuer. There is also an adaptive metronome 8900-0800-01-CPR-D-3x3which guides the rescuer to the proper compression rate.

The ZOLL AED Plus has a number of features which make it an attractive device for novice and trained responders, and for a wide variety of facilities. Features like a high IP rating for protection and durability, verbal and visual instructions to guide the user through the rescue process, consumer batteries, and their unique one-piece electrode pads with Real CPR Help.

The CPR-D Padz are a one-piece, pre-connected pair of adult electrode pads with Real CPR Help. The CPR-D Padz use the CPR hand landmark to quickly and properly place the electrode pads. They also feature a 5-year shelf life, which is the longest electrode life span on the market today.

The ZOLL AED Plus doesn’t use a proprietary battery pack. Instead, the AED Plus uses consumer batteries which last up to five years in standby mode and which are available nearly anywhere batteries are sold. If a situation should arise where you need to replace the batteries immediately, 8000-0807-01-3x3there’s no need to wait days for a manufacturer’s battery to arrive. You can buy replacement batteries locally, if necessary.

The ZOLL AED Plus is available in several different configurations. One option is either semi-automatic (push the shock button to deliver treatment), or fully-automatic (no shock button -treatment delivered automatically).

What we have here is a ruggedly constructed AED with multiple methods of rescue guidance, electrode pads with a five-year life, consumer batteries, a seven-year warranty, Real CPR Help, and a choice of semi- or fully-automatic. The ZOLL AED Plus is the first and only Full Rescue AED. AED Superstore has the ideal configuration for any facility. Contact us and order yours today!

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