Product Focus: Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR Plus


Go to AED Superstore’s home page  – what do you see? Today, there are fifteen different AEDs from six different manufacturers. All AEDs function in the same manner: turn the device on, follow the instructions to place the electrode pads on the patient, let the machine analyze the patient, and then deliver the shock, if needed. What could be more simple and why so many choices? What makes one AED different from another? This Product Focus blog series will help answer these questions.

Physio-Control® is a name readily recognized by emergency medical personnel. The company’s presence in the EMT and rescue field is unparalleled with more LIFEPAK brand devices in use than any other. Physio-Control’s public access defibrillator is the LIFEPAK CR® Plus AED; in this installment, we will take a closer look at this device.

CrplustThe CR Plus LIFEPAK AED Unit is one of the smaller AEDs on the market, weighing just 4.5 lbs, making it easy to store and transport. Combining Physio-Control’s technology with simplicity makes the CR Plus an AED anyone can use. When the “on/off” button is pushed, the lid opens and activates the AED’s rescue protocols. The easy-to-follow instructions guide the user through every phase of the rescue process with a clear, robust voice.


The AED’s only consumables are the CHARGE-PAK (to recharge the internal battery) and the electrode pads. These two items are in a synchronized replacement cycle, which means there is only one date to track when these items expire, and they are extremely affordable. This makes the long term cost of ownership easy and inexpensive.

The LIFEPAK CR Plus comes in two versions: a semi-automatic version (push the shock button to deliver treatment) and a fully-automatic version (no shock button). What could be simpler than a fully-automatic AED which will analyze the heart rhythm and deliver the shock, if necessary, without requiring someone to push a button. All the rescuer has to do is turn on the LIFEPAK CR Plus and place the pads on the patient. The AED will do the rest.

11210-000021-CR-Bracket-3x3Energy delivery can be an important matter when someone requires a shock to reset a fibrillating heart back to its normal rhythm. Physio-Control’s AEDs feature a full range of default escalating energies. The first shock is delivered at 200 joules, the second shock at 300 joules, with third and subsequent shocks at 360 joules!

The LIFEPAK CR Plus comes with an outstanding eight-year warranty. We also include the CHARGE-PAK and two sets of adult pads. All of this makes the LIFEPAK CR Plus a great AED for the school, home, office, church, airport, or mall – virtually anywhere!

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