Product Focus: Defibtech Lifeline


Go to AED Superstore’s home page  – what do you see? Today, there are fifteen different AEDs from six different manufacturers. All AEDs function in the same manner: turn the device on, follow the instructions to place the electrode pads on the patient, let the machine analyze the patient, and then deliver the shock, if needed. What could be more simple and why so many choices? What makes one AED different from another? This Product Focus blog series will help answer these questions.

If you’re looking for simplicity, ruggedness, and reliability in an AED, you’ll want to start with the Defibtech Lifeline AED. The Lifeline has won several prestigious awards for its design. In a high stress situation with a novice user, simplicity is crucial, and the Defibtech Lifeline delivers with its appearance (it kind of looks like a See & Say®), easy to understand LED guidance, and clear, robust voice prompts.

The Defibtech Lifeline is one of the more economical AED choices, but let’s talk about the incredible value you get while stretching your budget dollars. This AED uses LED indicators which illuminate for each step of the rescue process. Combined with voice prompts, this gives the user audible and visual assistance throughout the rescue event. The Lifeline also features a high Ingress Protection rating of IP54. It has also been tested to US military specifications for drop and shock. All of this means the Lifeline AED will function in nearly any environment, no matter the circumstances. untitled

What about long term cost of ownership, you ask? The Defibtech Lifeline is easy on the wallet. The consumables (electrode pads and batteries) are value priced to make upkeep simple and economical. The eight year warranty adds a significant measure of confidence and security. Along with the standard semi-automatic AED, there is also a fully-automatic version where the user does not have to push a shock button – the Lifeline will deliver the shock, if needed, automatically. What could be any easier?

If you’re looking for an AED and overall value is of prime importance, take a closer look at the Defibtech Lifeline AED from AED Superstore!

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