Physio-Control Announces Acquisition of HeartSine®

untitledAED manufacturer Physio-Control announced today it is acquiring AED manufacturer HeartSine® Technologies. The acquisition will result in one of the world’s largest AED solutions providers. With HeartSine’s presence in the Public Access Defibrillation market and Physio-Control being a stronghold in the EMS community, we at AED Superstore see this as a positive for both companies.

Physio-Control’s CEO Brian Webster stated, “with Physio-Control and HeartSine now united in our lifesaving missions, we will be able to offer a tremendous range of AED solutions to our global customers and partners.” HeartSine CEO Declan O’Mahoney added, “This is very good for HeartSine and our distributors. Our teams share a strong clinical focus, and together we have exciting opportunities ahead for technical, scientific and marketing collaboration.”

Both companies aspire to a common scientific and technical focus and have somewhat parallel histories. Physio-Control has pioneered direct current defibrillations and has also partnered with leading emergency medical systems since the 1960s. Physio-Control was the first to develop and market the “home use” AED, the LIFEPAK 100, first sold in 1986. Physio-Control’s AED products include the LIFEPAK® CR Plus and LIFEPAK 1000, distributed in 104 countries.

In the 1960s and 1970s in Belfast, Ireland, HeartSine founder Professor John Anderson worked with Dr. Frank Pantridge, who pioneered out-of-hospital mobile coronary care. Professor Anderson worked on the team which developed the world’s first mobile coronary care unit. HeartSine’s products include the samaritan® PAD line of public access AEDs, and technologies such as CPR Advisor™, that provides real-time CPR feedback.

AED Superstore is excited to see what the future holds for us and our customers.

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