Philips applies for patent for “CPR coaching device providing tactile feedback”


Koninklijke Philips Electronics, N.V. has applied for a patent for a CPR coaching device to be used in conjunction with, among other things, their defibrillator products.

While there have been other combination CPR coaching and feedback devices available for some time, namely integrated into the AED line from ZOLL Medical Corporation as well as a stand-alone product, the Philips patent application shows their device to have some advanced capability. Specifically, it coaches the rescuer via voice prompts to “press “harder” or “softer” or “faster” or “slower,” during the chest compression phase of CPR.

ZOLL’s “Real CPR Help®” is integrated into their single-piece electrode system (like in the AED Plus) while the Philips patent graphic shows what appears to be a separate device or module.

It’s clear the importance of properly performed and effective CPR isn’t lost on AED manufacturers as more integrate CPR coaching and/or feedback into their devices.

2 Responses to “Philips applies for patent for “CPR coaching device providing tactile feedback””

August 13, 2008 at 5:52 pm, Mark said:

What is unique about the device that Philips patented is that the CPR pad is supposed to provide not just visual and audible feedback, but tactile feedback as well. (i.e. a slight vibration or something like that) That’s a big difference to the Zoll AED Plus or the Heartstart qCPR device.


August 13, 2008 at 10:53 pm, hamdi said:

the idea sounds okay but it looks like another seperate thing to put on the patient. with electrodes and wires and then a second sensor with wires its going to be a mess. incorporating it into the electrodes makes the most sense.


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