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Sudden Cardiac Arrest and AEDs at Home

When people go into cardiac arrest at home, statistics are not in their favor. Having an AED in your home can improve chances of survival.

A Message From Our CEO

COVID-19 Update: AED Superstore is prepared and continues to serve customers with normal business hours.

Lumify Ultrasound System from Philips

Are you looking for a portable, lightweight ultrasound system to aid in patient diagnostics in urgent situations? The Lumify Ultrasound System from Philips has three available transducers and connects to a phone or tablet.

American Heart Month – Know the Signs

Knowing the signs of heart disease, heart attack, and sudden cardiac arrest so the best treatment can be administered in a timely manner is key to survival.


Meet the latest winner of AED Superstore’s $1000 scholarship! An Eagle Scout who works to help athletes stay safe! Congratulations, Michael Morreale!


Capital City Rescue Mission’s primary purpose is to meet the needs of the homeless and poor. We are pleased to award our AED Grant to this organization.

Types of Belly Fat and How It Affects Your Heart

Where you carry your weight, whether you are genetically male or female, and the type of fat which occupies most of your bodily real estate affects not only how you look, but how healthy you are.

Adopting a Shelter Dog – It’s Good for Both of You!

Adopting a shelter dog offers it a second chance at a safe home, love, and care. It can also have definite health benefits for owners.

Cold-Weather Activities & Your Heart

The first heavy snowfall can bring about the itch to get on the ski slopes, or head out into the woods to hunt or snowshoe. But can your heart handle it?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month 2019

We try to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest every day, but during October we encourage others to help us out by spreading some facts about SCA, how to recognize the symptoms and what to do when it happens.

Woman Unconscious

Women Less Likely to Receive Bystander CPR During Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Women are 27% less likely to receive bystander CPR for an out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest event than men. Why? There may be a very simple explanation.

How Wearable Tech Can Improve or Save Lives

How is wearable technology changing how we monitor our health, diagnose conditions and improve quality of life for those with compromised health?

Our Scholarship Winner Saved His Dad

AED Superstore give away a $1000 scholarship twice a year to an inspiring young adult who raises awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Meet the latest winner.

Our Latest Grant Winner Has a Heart for Their Community

Meet the latest winner of the AED Superstore $2000 Grant and get information on how your organization could be the next award winner!

Introducing the Audible CPR Feedback Device That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand!

Beaty by Medical Feedback Technologies is a small device which makes a big impact on performing quality CPR when someone is in sudden cardiac arrest. Learn more about this affordable, compact, and simple device.

Introducing the HeartSine® Gateway Remote Monitoring Device

AED Superstore offers the HeartSine® Gateway remote monitoring system for the HeartSine 350P, 360P, and 450P AEDs, making it simpler to maintain these devices.

Is Your School’s AED Out of Warranty or Discontinued?

Could the AED at your or your child’s school be out of warranty or discontinued? If it was placed before 2008 it might be! Get more details.