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AED Education on Campus

Do college students know where to find an AED on their campus? We visited the UW-Madison and asked over 50 random students a few questions on AEDs, college campus safety, and whether they would know what to do in a cardiac emergency.

Should You Get An AED For Your Home?

Should AEDs be a part of every home’s emergency response plan? Should there be one next to the first aid kit or fire extinguisher in every home?

New AHA Training Requirements for CPR Certification on the Horizon

CPR Instructors: Are you ready for the new certification requirements the American Heart Association will implement beginning January 2019? We have the manikins you need to train effectively and certify your students.

The Unchanging Landscape of Sudden Cardiac Deaths

Learn why survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest have not changed much in the past five years. Can we expect to see better rates in the future?

Q&A on DNR Orders

If you have a Do Not Resuscitate tattoo, will EMTs and doctors honor it as proof of your wishes? The answer is complicated.

Cold Weather and Cardiac Arrest

With parts of the US seeing record low temperatures, and snow falling in places which haven’t seen snow in over 30 years, it seems worth examining the correlation between cold weather and cardiac arrest.

Introducing S.T.A.T. Tourniquets on AED Superstore

AED Superstore is excited to add S.T.A.T. Medical Devices tourniquets to our line-up of products. These tourniquets are made in the USA with latex-free materials and have features which make them simple for a layperson to use

Energy Drinks and Sudden Death

With no “safe” level of caffeine established by the FDA, how do teens know how much caffeine is too much caffeine in a day? Is there a connection between caffeine consumption and sudden cardiac death?

Congratulations to Our Latest Scholarship Winner

Our latest round of scholarship finalists made it exceptionally difficult to select just one winner from the over 1300 applications we received. Meet our latest $1000 Scholarship winner!

Reacting and Responding to the Unthinkable

The unthinkable happens. Do you know what to do in a situation where someone has suffered an injury leading to life-threatening bleeding?

Announcing Our Latest Grant Winner!

We are excited to announce our winner of the most recent $2,000 grant to be used toward the purchase of an AED and supplies is …

Introducing ReaLifeSim IV Trainers by B&G Educational Innovations, LLC

B & G Educational Innovations, LLC’s, ReaLifeSim IV trainers are truly something unique when it comes to teaching students how to locate vessels to place IV’s.  Realistic size, skin feel, and flashback give the student immediate feedback.

Recipe for Cardiac Arrest: Cold Weather, High Blood Pressure, & The Holidays

It’s no secret the holiday season, while usually filled with fun, family and friends, can come with its fair share of stress. For many, it also comes with snow which needs to be dealt with, and cold weather. Throw high blood pressure into the mix and you have the perfect recipe for cardiac complications.

Debunking Myths About the Flu Shot

You start to see the signs in August and September – “Flu Shots Here”. They are at every pharmacy and medical facility, and your employer may even host a flu shot clinic at work. Some people are on board right away; others have a bevy of excuses why they won’t get a flu shot. “I got a shot last year and got sick from it the next day.” Or “I never get a flu shot and I never get sick.” Or “I’m allergic to eggs so I can’t get the shot.” Let’s address each of these statements individually because it …

Unraveling the Mystery of AED Ownership Laws

Sara Henn unravels the mystery of AED Ownership Laws in an interview with eHealth Radio.

AED Superstore Now Carrying North American Rescue Bleeding Control Kits

Back in October of 2015, the White House implemented the “Stop the Bleed” campaign…

Stealing the Stars

It’s only October of 2017, and already the number of celebrities leaving us due to cardiac arrest and other cardiac complications is rising.