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Women Less Likely to Receive Bystander CPR During Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Women are 27% less likely to receive bystander CPR for an out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest event than men. Why? There may be a very simple explanation.

How Wearable Tech Can Improve or Save Lives

How is wearable technology changing how we monitor our health, diagnose conditions and improve quality of life for those with compromised health?

Our Scholarship Winner Saved His Dad

AED Superstore give away a $1000 scholarship twice a year to an inspiring young adult who raises awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Meet the latest winner.

Our Latest Grant Winner Has a Heart for Their Community

Meet the latest winner of the AED Superstore $2000 Grant and get information on how your organization could be the next award winner!

Vaccine Hesitancy

Vaccines and Vaccine Hesitancy

Should you vaccinate or not? We look at facts and history to determine why vaccines are crucial to world health, and the risks involved if you decide against it.

Introducing the Audible CPR Feedback Device That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand!

Beaty by Medical Feedback Technologies is a small device which makes a big impact on performing quality CPR when someone is in sudden cardiac arrest. Learn more about this affordable, compact, and simple device.

Introducing the HeartSine® Gateway Remote Monitoring Device

AED Superstore offers the HeartSine® Gateway remote monitoring system for the HeartSine 350P, 360P, and 450P AEDs, making it simpler to maintain these devices.

Is Your School’s AED Out of Warranty or Discontinued?

Could the AED at your or your child’s school be out of warranty or discontinued? If it was placed before 2008 it might be! Get more details.

Drinking Culture and the Implications

The long-term effects of even casual alcohol use can be devastating. Is there a “safe” level of alcohol consumption? And what, exactly, is one drink?

Physio-Control’s Newest AED Raises the Bar

As one of the pioneering companies in the defibrillator field, it should be no surprise Physio-Control has once again brought innovation to the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.

Do You Know What To Do After a Cardiac Arrest Event?

Do you know what do you do with your AED after it’s been used in a rescue? Do you know how to download the data from the AED? Who needs to read the data and write a report on the findings? What to do with the final report?

Insulin – The Life or Death Drug With Costly Consequences

Do type 1 diabetics really need prescription insulin to survive? Can’t they just change their diet? Insulin prices lead to dangerous behaviors in some type 1 diabetics.

AED Superstore Employees Give Back All Year Long

Our communities shape our employees and our employees give back to our communities throughout the year with support from leadership.

Weighing the Facts

A study shows Millennials are more obese than any other generation at a younger age and it’s taking a toll on their health. What is contributing to this disturbing trend?

2019 National Heart Month at AED Superstore!

AED Superstore is participating in 2019’s National Heart Month by encouraging employees to work together to eat better, move more, so they can live longer!

Learn About Our Latest Grant Winners

Meet our latest AED Superstore Grant winner and learn about their incredible organization which helps kids with autism and their families.

The Great Vape Debate

Vaping is the hottest new vice among teens and young adults, but is it safer than smoking? We look at the newest generation of tobacco users.