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Bystander Effect and Cardiac Arrest

The bystander effect can mean the loss of precious time in cases of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. What is the bystander effect? What can be done to avoid it?

Opioid Overdose and AED Use

How do you differentiate between sudden cardiac arrest and opioid overdose? What are treatment options you can provide as a bystander?

Announcing the New AED Grant Resource

Check out the brand new resource we developed to help you find, apply and win grant funding for an AED! Find over 30 AED grants plus tips and advice for writing your proposal.

Finding Ways to Fund an AED

AED funding can be a challenge for some organizations. How can you find the money for these life-saving devices? AED Superstore has suggestions.

Is Social Media Bad for Your Health?

Stress can lead to behaviors which affect your heart and health. Social Media is one of today’s leading stressors. How do you control it?

Manitowish Waters Fire Company Gets Eight AEDs

Keeping communities safe is a cornerstone of AED Superstore’s philosophy. Our AED donation committee recently helped Manitowish Waters, WI do just that.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest and AED Use in Pregnancy

Is it safe to do CPR and use an AED on someone who is pregnant? Will it harm the baby? Learn more about the special circumstances surrounding a pregnant patient.

Meet Our Heroes: Our Latest Grant Winners!

Meet the winners of our latest $2000 AED Superstore AED Grant and read their powerful and inspirational story. Congratulations, Camp4Heroes!

DNA Tests – Have You Considered the Risks?

DNA home tests are popular, but there are some hard questions you should ask yourself before spitting into that vial and sending your DNA into the world.

Meet the Newest AED Superstore Scholarship Winner!

Meet AED Superstore’s latest scholarship winner and read the inspiring story of a student who has spent years raising awareness about AEDs, sudden cardiac arrest and heart screenings.

Myth vs. Fact – AED Edition

Can you shock someone with an AED as a joke? Do you have to be a professionally trained medic to use an AED? Does an AED “jump start” the heart? We debunk some common myths about these life-saving devices.

CPR/AED Awareness Week 2018

June 1-7 is CPR/AED Awareness Week. So what, exactly, does this mean? What are we asking people to be aware of? What are we hoping people will do? Learn what simple things you can do to save lives.

Broken Heart Syndrome

Can you truly die of a broken heart? What is the science behind the romance? Learn more about the chemical transformations your body undergoes during stressful life events and how it can mimic a heart attack..

National Drug Take Back Day

April 28, 2018, is National Drug Take-Back Day. Read how to dispose of any and all outdated and unused prescription medications safely and effectively. No questions asked.

FAQ: AED Use on Infants and Children

Over 6,000 children under the age of 18 die from sudden cardiac arrest each year. Did you know using an AED on infants and children is different than using it on an adult? This FAQ answers some common questions.

What Makes Veganism a Heart-Healthy Diet?

Is veganism a heart-healthy diet? Can you get all the nutrients you need? Learn more about this dietary trend which has increased 600% in recent years.

Should You Carry Naloxone?

Naloxone reverses the effects of opiates in a person’s system, and is the first treatment administered in cases of an overdose. Should you carry it if you may be in contact with someone who has overdosed? Get all the facts first.