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American Academy of Pediatrics says heart problems in kids have been underestimated

For years the common knowledge about pediatric cardiac arrest centered around the following facts: it’s usually brought on by respiratory arrest, and, it’s rare. The American Academy of Pediatrics believes the problem is not as uncommon as we first thought. You’ll find the article here. It could change perception of pediatric cardiac arrest as we know it.

Fake CPR cards racket busted

We just never knew there was such an “industry!”

CPR For Birds?

     Yesterday we posted news about a new CPR manikin available at the AED Superstore called CasPeR the CPR dog. Now we find that a technique exists to perform CPR on birds. We’re not sure of the accreditation, but it does make sense. Perhaps a manikin for Avian CPR and rescue breathing is around the corner?

The AED Adviser is now online and it’s free!

     Are you looking for an AED but don’t know which one to get? Let the AED Superstore’s AED Adviser help you. Click on the link and rate the features found on various AEDs by their importance to you. The site will then show you the AEDs that best match your feature ratings. It’s easy to use, it’s free and anonymous! The results show immediately in your web browser. Once you’ve narrowed down your selection, call the AED Superstore at 800-544-0048 and a friendly and knowledgeable representative will help you with your purchase. Be sure to ask about any …

The AED Superstore now offers Simulaids training manikins

     Simulaids has a great lineup of CPR manikins although at first glance the army of “faces” you get looks odd, doesn’t it? It’s the Simulaids way of keeping your training environment sanitary. The days of wiping down a manikin with plain alcohol wipes are gone, thank goodness! By the way, take a look at CasPeR the CPR dog. No joke!

$125 rebate on Heartstart Onsite AEDs for a limited time from Philips

     If you were holding off on the purchase of a Philips Heartstart OnSite AED, your wait is over! Philips has announced a factory-authorized rebate of $125 for each OnSite you buy from October 12 to November 23, 2007. The AED Superstore makes the deal even better by making it an instant rebate at the time of purchase. And you still get free ground shipping and all the accessories normally included with the Philips Heartstart OnSite AED. Click the links above for more information or call a friendly and knowledgeable representative at 800-544-0048.