New Product: iOximeter for Smartphones

untitledAre you a fitness fanatic, regular runner, journeyman jogger, or even just into casual calisthenics? Perhaps you’re a pilot, or a mountain climber, or maybe you just want to occasionally observe your blood oxygen level? We’ve got just what you need!

Introducing the innovative iOximeter! It’s a pulse oximeter which operates through the headphone jack of your smartphone, and it’s so simple to set-up and use. Download the free app from the App Store or Google Play, plug the iOximeter into the headphone jack on your phone, place the sensor on IOX1your finger, and read the display right on your phone. It doesn’t get any easier!

The iOximeter displays your oxygen saturation (SpO2) and your pulse rate right on your smartphone. It comes with features like continuous 12 hour recording for overnight statistics, and visual warnings for abnormal readings or when the probe is detached. The iOximeter doesn’t need batteries, and you can use it at any time, even while your phone is charging.untitled2

The iOximeter is not for medical use, but it is an ideal item for pilots and sporting/fitness enthusiasts who want to see how their blood oxygen levels are affected by exercise, and to help maintain good oxygen saturation. Click here for more details and to place your order today!

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