New Product Announcement – Prestan UltraTrainer™

Another innovation from Prestan

AED Superstore is proud to add the new Prestan AED UltraTrainer to our line-up of great Prestan products. Combining the most recent technology with realistic features not found on other AED Trainers, this product offers an excellent training experience when teaching general AED use. It is a compact and customizable unit providing quality, durability, and affordability.

This new trainer features:

  • Pre-connected pads which are ready to use, unlike some other AED trainers with outdated plug-in technology
  • Pads which can be used 100 times (or more!) during CPR/AED classes
  • One set of dual-graphics pads which work for both adult and child training
  • Pads with an embedded ‘switch’ which senses proper pad attachment to the manikin (Pad Sensing System – patent pending)
  • A silicone based adhesive on the pads, coupled with the foam structure, which ensures easy application & removal without leaving residue on the manikin
  • Toggle button which allows the trainer to go from English to Spanish and back again quickly and easily

Each unit includes one set of combination adult/child electrode pads, pre-installed batteries, instructions, extra connector buttons, and a carrying case.

Wes Wagoner, CPR instructor, used this trainer in one of his training classes and provided the following insights:

I was able to use the new Prestan UltraTrainer as the AED trainer for my class and I really enjoyed using it. The following features most impressed me:

  • Small and light design without compromising quality. This is great for instructors who have to carry a lot of gear. Any improvement in weight and size when packing training materials is a huge plus.
  • Training scenarios are great and it’s very nice to be able to adjust them before the training starts, then let the unit run through the whole rescue without having to use a remote to “prompt” through each step. This freed me up during this portion of training and I was better able to work with the students, answers questions, etc., as opposed to staying close to the AED trainer so I could move to the next step with the remote. This is HUGE.
  • Ability to select semi-automatic or fully automatic mode before we ran a rescue scenario was great and helps train students to use the AED they have at their location. If they have a full auto already, previously I was only able to train with a semi-automatic scenario and explain how a full auto works. With this trainer, I can put it into full auto scenario and run the students through a rescue, giving them a better understanding of how their actual unit will work. The more realistic the training, the better.

To learn more about this great new product, visit our website here.

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