New Product: Allergy Emergency Kits


In recent years, much attention has been given to the upswing in people suffering from allergic reactions to various substances. At the forefront are allergies to foods like peanuts and other nuts, strawberries, shellfish, bee stings, and many more too numerous to mention here. With so many experiencing unintended reactions, like anaphylaxis, there is a definite need to be proactive with our response to these potentially life-threatening events.

AEK Cabinet

Many schools have taken the approach of keeping antiallergenics close at hand in the event of an allergic reaction by a student during school hours. To facilitate the storage and access of these critical medications, AED Superstore would like to introduce you to our newest product line, Allergy Emergency Kits™ (AEK). 

When it comes to allergic reactions there are several points to consider. In an allergy emergency, there will be stress and chaos. Where’s the school nurse? How can we help? Where’s the epinephrine or the inhaler? There must be a way to help provide a more cohesive response to an allergy emergency!

When a student has a known allergy, the student  is often provided with an epinephrine auto-injector device or an albuterol inhaler for use in an emergency. Epinephrine is a prescriptive drug, and, therefore, must be stored in a safe and secure manner to prevent theft or accidental use, but still be available for use when needed. The same applies to albuterol.

AEK Panel

Allergy Emergency Kits provide secure storage and convenience. Whether you prefer cabinets or panels, AEKs can be placed in a nurse’s office, hallway, cafeteria, or near the door to where outside activities may take place. The cabinets feature either a door activated alarm or can be key locked with a breakaway window. (This window is a safe, non-glass material which breaks into non-hazardous pieces.)

Both cabinets and panels use hook & loop (Velcro®) fasteners to attach the auto-injectors to the panels or inside cabinets. The auto-injectors/inhalers are stored in a sleeve which can be personalized and labeled. There are also instructions and weight guides to help with administering the correct dose. The cabinet’s high visibility and panels help bring awareness to the issue of a potentially severe reaction occurring to a student or visitor, and where to find help.

Allergy Emergency Kits also feature a variety of carry bags for field trips, sporting events, school buses, and even emergency evacuations. There are also signs to identify where the cabinets and panels are located. Hook & loop and polybag refill kits, supplies, and replacement parts are also available, as well as instructive posters which detail anaphylaxis and emergency response. Please note: AED Superstore does not sell medication.

AEK Cabinet with AED

The prevalence of allergies in our society is increasing and so is the need to be able to respond in a timely manner. Allergy Emergency Kits feature high visibility to develop awareness and familiarity, and security to keep medications safe. Just like having an AED in a cabinet at a sensible location, now you can do the same for your anaphylaxis response medications. There’s even an AEK cabinet for both an AED and auto-injectors/inhalers. Check out all of our Allergy Emergency Kits and be prepared to respond when needed!

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