New CPR Saves Lives

Hands only

It seems almost weekly we are hearing more and more reports for the recent “hands-only” CPR technique. There have been several articles where the responder has used this method with success.

The latest AHA addendumto their 2005 CPR Guidelines recognizes the efficacy of CCR (Chest Compression Resuscitation), or “hands-only” CPR, when applied to a witnessed collapsed victim who is non-responsive and not breathing.

Several agencies have been teaching this method exclusively, while others demonstrate it in conjunction with the traditional method of CPR training. The original recommendation was for a “witnessed” collapse, where the responder knows how much time has elapsed from collapse to initiation of CPR. When the collapse is not witnessed, it is hard to determine how long the victim has been unconscious, and therefore, rescue breaths may be crucial.

We can see, almost certainly, that the AHA will incorporate the hands-only technique in their CPR guidelines when they meet again in 2010. We will keep you updated on the recommended 2010 AHA CPR Guidelines when they have been finalized.

Stay tuned!

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October 27, 2009 at 3:02 am, Anonymous said:

I have never heard about “hands-only” CPR technique. However, this technique seems to be a good one. Even people who have used this technique are getting good results. Waiting for your next updates on the same.


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