More information on the new Defibtech Lifeline View AED–the one with VIDEO!


The new Defibtech Lifeline View AED has features you won’t find on any other AED…including a video screen.

Yes. Full-color video!

But more on that in a minute. First, you’ll notice the Defibtech Lifeline View has a smaller footprint than its predecessor, known simply as the Lifeline, but he View has the same overall shape that won the original Lifeline so many design awards over the past few years. The engineers at Defibtech downsized their super-portable Lifeline while adding more features…and the View was born.

The Defibtech Lifeline View has more detailed voice prompts including CPR coaching, full text prompting, a smaller, single battery pack, and, of course, the video screen no one else has!

As the loud-and-clear voice prompts guide you through the rescue sequence, the full-color video screen “walks” you by visually showing video snippets of each step. If there’s ever a doubt, simply watch the example.

Have you heard of the new “hands-only” CPR method lay-rescuers are taught? Or do you perform CPR the “traditional” way with both chest compressions and rescue breathing? The Defibtech Lifeline View is the only AED on the market that allows you to switch between the AHA approved “hands only” or current AHA 2005 guidelines for rescue breathing and compressions to fit your preferred CPR style.

The View is unique in the fact that it’s perfect for in-services or mock rescue deployment training. All video, text and audio can be easily replayed from the “Help Topics” menu. For example, the video for preparing the patient walks the responder through calling for help, removing the clothing and pad placement to ensure workplace employees’ quick response through practice preparedness.

This AED is pediatric capable. When the pediatric pads are attached the unit automatically switches to pediatric video showing anterior-posterior pad placement and a child animation.

Defibtech thought of everything to help you ensure the safety of your staff through the ease of checking the View’s rescue readiness at the touch of a button. The View is the only AED on the market that has expiration dates programmed into the pads and batteries automatically alerting the AED administrator of the expiration date on the View’s patent pending Status Screen. At the touch of a button the Defibtech View’s status is displayed on screen showing the battery status, electrode pads status, and rescue software version.

Now let’s talk about durability. It’s another stand-out feature of the Defibtech Lifeline View AED. First, it’s built to the same rugged military drop, vibration and shock specifications of all previous Defibtech models. Second, it has a high “IP Rating” of 55. The number translates to extreme resistance to dust and moisture. It’s built to withstand water jets–as if you’ll ever expose your AED to that! But the most telling story of this device’s strength–even with its video screen–is the crush resistance to 1000 lbs. That’s a half ton! Put it all together and the Lifeline View is more rugged and resistant to abuse than other models designed for simple office or indoor deployment. All of these specs are backed up by a full 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on the AED and 4-year warranty on the battery.

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