Introducing Rapid Hair Removal Pads from Full Power AED!

Save time, save effort, save lives

AED Superstore is excited to carry this amazing, time-saving (read “life-saving”) new product. Full Power AED’s Rapid Hair Removal Pads reduce the time needed to eliminate not just hair, but dust, dirt, and debris from a patient’s chest before placing AED electrode pads. This means better adhesion which equals better conduction of electricity to an SCA victim’s heart during defibrillation.

Developed by a firefighter who knew first-hand how inefficient it was to use a razor during a rescue, these pads offer the best alternative when faced with the task of creating a clean patch for the AED electrode pads. Opening up the rescue kit, finding the razor, opening it, and then trying to use it to remove coarse chest hair takes valuable seconds away from the drop to shock time. The rapid hair removal pads are easy to find, open and use as shown in this video:

As demonstrated in the video, the other advantage of using these pads instead of a razor is they can be used while CCC (Continuous Chest Compressions) are being performed. Early quality compressions with limited interruption, in conjunction with the timely use of an AED, has been shown to improve the overall outlook for someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. These Rapid Hair Removal Pads allow for both to occur.

They are perfect for any sudden cardiac arrest rescue scenario. The pads are packaged in a set of two and can be used one to each area where AED electrode pads attach, or two pads can be used on the same location in events where the hair or debris is particularly dense and the first pad does not remove it all. The incredibly sticky pads should not be used on broken skin, however, and any water should be dried before applying.
To purchase these incredible time-savers see Full Power Rapid Hair Removal Pads.

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