Introducing the cprCUBE!

Now any place can be a hands-only CPR training site!

Sometimes the simplest designs are the most ingenious.  At least, that is how we felt when we saw the  cprCUBE.  When teaching or learning hands-only CPR, do you really need a full-sized CPR manikin?  What if there was a simple device which would give real-time feedback on whether compressions were being administered correctly, which was small and compact, and which had a price tag to make it easy to afford? That’s what the cprCUBE delivers!

This small training device is perfect for schools, community centers, or any business or organization where the focus is teaching hands-only CPR.  Its compact size makes it easy to carry multiple devices to training sites or store at a facility.  The small price makes it easy to equip a classroom economically. The audible, visual and tactile feedback makes it easy for students to know they are performing quality compressions.

The cprCUBE sounds a tone when the correct compression depth and recoil are applied.  Successful compression also makes the LED lights start along the bottom. When 15 proper chest compressions are repeated in a row, the device will vibrate, letting the student know they are staying on track. If the student is having difficulty getting the correct speed, they can press the cube for three seconds and a 100 beats per minute guide will sound.

With this amazing product, any place can be a hands-only CPR training site!

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