HeartSine Introduces the New samaritan PAD 450P AED!


AED Superstore proudly announces we now carry the newest addition from HeartSine Technologies, the samaritan® PAD 450P AED with CPR Rate Advisor™. This AED includes all the same great features of the existing samaritan PAD 350P AED, but also adds live CPR feedback!

450P_PAD_case_right_on_0153Weighing in at just 2.4 pounds with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of IP56, the 450P is ideal for any environment. The compact design offers a footprint up to 56% smaller than other brand’s AEDs, making it one of the most portable AEDs available. Adding to the total package, the Pad-Pak™ defibrillation cartridge combines electrode pads and battery into one piece with just one expiration date, and with a cost lower than most AED batteries alone.

With all those features, what more would you want? How about real-time CPR feedback? CPR Rate Advisor provides live impedance cardiography (ICG) based feedback on the chest compression rate. Using just the electrode pads, CPR Rate Advisor can determine the rate of compressions without the use of pucks or accelerometers which other AEDs use.

The AED will indicate both visually and verbally when to begin CPR. CPR Rate Advisor will determine the rate of compressions and direct the rescuer whether the compression rate is good, or if they need to push faster or slower. If the environment is too noisy to hear the audible instructions, there is also a visual guide on the AED which is easy to read and understand. Even on those occasions when no shock is advised, you can still deliver optimum CPR with the help of CPR Rate Advisor.

Providing real-time audible and visual CPR rate feedback, HeartSine’s samaritan PAD 450P AED is an ideal tool you can add to your arsenal in the fight against sudden cardiac death. 450P_trainer_composite

What about training on the new samaritan 450P, you ask? Good question! The answer is the new SAM 450P Trainer. This trainer mimics the actual 450P AED, including a simulated CPR Rate Advisor with the same audible and visual prompts. The compression rate prompts are controlled by the instructor using the included remote control. The visual cues follow the audible prompts which helps the student attain the proper compression rate while building confidence.

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