Good Samaritan Laws – Are You Compliant?


“So, if I get an AED and I have to use it, but the person I used it on doesn’t make it, will I get sued?” Often, we hear comments like this from potential AED owners. The fear of litigation can be a hindrance to possessing a life-saving AED, and actually having to use it.

All states have laws and/or regulations regarding AED ownership and use. Those laws vary greatly from state to state. In reality, some states have certain requirements that have to be met in order to qualify for Good Samaritan protection under those laws. Also, it seems these statutes undergo changes often enough that it can be difficult to keep tabs on what is current.

To help you ensure compliance with Good Samaritan and other regulations, you may want to consider adding medical direction to your AED Program. With laws varying from state-to-state, and changing often, medical direction, provided by a local medical professional, will keep your program up to date with your location’s specific directives.

Medical direction will keep your AED Program compliant, and make AED ownership an easy decision. Learn more about your state’s AED laws at:

Please call us at 800-544-0048 to find out how to add medical direction to your AED Program. Compliance is just a phone call away!

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