First Aid Kits for National Safety Month

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June is National Safety Month, sponsored by the National Safety Council®! This year’s theme is “What I Live For” with a focus on emergency preparedness, slips, trips, and falls. In fact, the thought behind National Safety Month is being prepared for and preventing accidents, injuries, and death in the workplace, school, home, or anywhere. We and thousands of organizations throughout the country want to raise awareness of what it takes to prevent injuries and save lives.                                        Scrabble

With an eye towards emergency preparedness, AED Superstore has not one, but two complete lines of First Aid Kits. We’ve got something for everyone, for any situation, any venue, and any contingency. If you work in a factory, we have a kit for you. If you have a restaurant, we have several kits for you. Do you love the outdoors? Don’t go hiking or camping unprepared!

FAOLogoGroup[1]First Aid Only™ specializes in first aid and emergency preparedness kits for the home and business. They offer consumer oriented kits designed for specific categories – there are kits for kids, auto, outdoors, sports, golfers, travel, and more. If you have a business, check out the ANSI Unitized kits and the Compliant and Smart Compliance packages. The Smart Compliance kits use an indexed catalog system which makes refilling specific items a snap. First Aid Only also features Specialized Industrial and Bloodborne Pathogen kits, Bulk First Aid packages, along with First Responder and Burn Care products.

AMKLogoGroup[1]Adventure® Medical Kits are designed specially for the outdoors enthusiast. Whether you are hiking, camping, climbing, boating, or simply taking in nature’s wonders, there’s a kit fit for your activity. Don’t be caught unprepared – expect the unexpected. From their Mountain, Marine, Travel, Sportsman, and Adventure kits to their Professional, Easy Care, Survival, and Ultralight/Watertight kits, Adventure Medical has the right kit for any venue. Their patented QuikClot® Trauma kits are the ultimate answer to life-threatening bleeding situations.                    Emerg Prep Checklist

During National Safety Month we hope you can take a moment and make sure you are prepared. You can practice safe workplace procedures and educate your staff in the proper ways of doing the job, but accidents will still happen. It’s up to you to make sure you can respond appropriately. By the way, are you prepared for a cardiac emergency?

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