CPR/AED Awareness Week

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In December of 2007 our Congress declared the first week of June as National CPR/AED Awareness week. This year, for the 4th Annual National CPR/AED Awareness Week, we want to bring awareness to your facility’s, or your own, AED Program.

Take the time this week to focus attention on your AED Program. Take a moment and familiarize yourself, and others, with the AED at your worksite, office, home, fitness club, etc. Does everyone know where it is located? Is the status indicator showing “Ready”? What do we do if it is not? Are the pads current? Does anyone need a refresher on its operation?

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How about those who may be called upon to act during a rescue situation? If you, or anyone you know, is certified in CPR, is your/their certification current? Is everyone aware of the latest AHA Guidelines for CPR?

But what if you don’t have an AED? There’s never been a better time to research and buy. There are more makes and models in every price range with more features available than ever before. Want to see them? Click AEDSuperstore.com. It’s also the place to get replacement batteries and electrode pads on the way to you the same day!

If a pre-owned AED fits your budget a little better, check our current selection at AEDOutlet.com. Each AED has been fully inspected and comes with a 3-year AED Outlet warranty. See the website for further details.

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In honor of National CPR/AED Awareness Week, we are having a Limited-Time Special Offer! Our Responder CPR Masks are very much in demand, as they’re better than simple plastic face shields. They’re so good we even include them in our Premium CPR Responder Packs. Each comes in its own nylon zippered pouch for protection and are a bargain at the regular price of $9.95 each. Get yours now for $2.99 each!

But there is a catch…

Limit 10 per customer and it’s for a limited time only and while supplies last.

So “celebrate” National CPR and AED Awareness Week by checking up on your AED and maintaining your training.

And be ready to save lives … all the time!

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