CPR In Schools A Maine Event; PA Students Do It Themselves

Teenagers Practice CPR Landscape

Maine State HouseMaine lawmakers have introduced House Bill LD556 which would require public schools to offer hands-only CPR to high school students. Legislators were joined by members of the American Heart Association® and community representatives in showing support for the bill. The goal, according to the bill’s sponsor Representative Matt Pouliot, is to create a generation of lifesavers in Maine.

We notice a trend here (and if you’ve been reading our blog lately, you might have noticed a trend too!). Depending on how quickly the bill passes muster, Maine could become the 23rd state with such a law on the books. With several states recently enacting similar legislation, this seems to be catching on in a big way.

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, there is currently no law which requires teaching CPR in schools. While neighboring states Delaware and New Jersey have both passed bills to reach this goal, in Pennsylvania Liberty Bell 2 it is up to the schools themselves to determine if CPR training is offered. This, however, did not deter an enterprising Delaware County, PA high school student.

After reading an article about how a child was saved because the mother knew CPR, Killeen McCans, a sophomore at Cardinal O’Hara High School, took it upon herself to arrange CPR training for the students. The attendance for the 25-minute non-certification course was more than 800 people. Due to the large turnout, the school has decided to provide ongoing CPR training for its students.

You don’t need to have a law or wait for someone else to take the lead – all it takes is a little initiative and a little desire. Non-certification hands-only CPR can be taught in 25 minutes with a short YouTube video and some inexpensive manikins. DIY, people. DIY!

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