Congregant Saved by AED

On a recent Sunday morning, a member of the Grace Baptist Church in Newberg, Oregon was walking down the steps after the service and suddenly collapsed. He had stopped breathing, was unresponsive, and had no discernible pulse, the classic symptoms of SCA (sudden cardiac arrest).

Immediately, three men began performing CPR while the AED was being retrieved. The AED delivered therapy 3 times before the EMTs arrived at the scene and took over. According to the EMTs, if the church did not have an AED, the patient would not have survived.

AED Superstore wishes to recognize those whose actions contributed to saving a life. Thank you to the members of Grace Baptist Church of Newberg, and their foresight to acquire an AED.

If you have news or knowledge of an AED saving a life, please let us know, and we will feature your story in an upcoming blog and in our newsletter “Life Connections.”

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