Citizen CPR Foundation March

untitledOn December 10, 2016, an estimated 1,000 people will march through the streets of San Diego to support the “Citizen CPR Foundation’s CPR Saves Lives March”. The march will take place during the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update (ECCU) conference taking place in San Diego this week. The intent of the march is to bring awareness to the hundreds of thousands of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victims who could be saved each year if communities would focus on cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training for citizens, improved cardiac care systems, and by implementing more automated external defibrillator (AED) programs.

Expected to join the march will be more than 50 survivors of SCA. The march will begin at the Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel and will conclude at the San Diego Civic Center, where conference participants will share inspirational stories from survivors and a public appeal for more CPR training, better care, and more public access defibrillators.

For more information on the conference and march, click here.

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