Choosing the Right CPR Training Manikin for Your Training Needs


When learning a life-saving skill like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), picking the perfect training manikin is a big deal that can boost your learning experience. All emergencies are different, and victims you come in contact with may have different needs, making the manikin you train on a vital asset to the information you learn from a CPR training course.


Whether you are a student or an instructor, your choice of manikin can make a difference in how well you grasp the skill or teach a course. With so many options available, it’s crucial to consider how real it looks and feels, how durable the quality is, the unique features and benefits it offers, and, of course, your budget!

This guide will break down all the essential factors and features to help you make an intelligent choice when picking the right CPR training manikin for your training journey!

Basic CPR Manikins

Basic CPR manikins are designed for introductory CPR training and basic practice. They may be suitable for beginners and those looking to learn the fundamental techniques of CPR training. Don’t mistake these basic CPR kits for being less than valuable, though. Many of these kits encompass an all-in-one factor that contains enough to have rescuers acting quickly and confidently in an emergency.


Whether you are looking for workplace CPR training, live in a high-risk community, or are simply curious about the basics of CPR, understanding the minimum essentials needed in CPR training is a great place to start!

Brayden CPR Training Manikin

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The Brayden CPR Training Manikin has the all-in-one factor you are looking for in CPR training. Its features make it an excellent choice for instructors and trainees. The manikin includes one spare face, one lung bag, ten face shields, 6 “C” cell batteries, an instruction manual, and a carrying bag that transforms into a kneeling pad.


The skin on this manikin complies with RoHS and REACH and is not made with natural rubber latex to prevent latex allergy reactions. Cleaning up after training is hassle-free with a simple wipe down of parts and replacement of the lung bag between each use.


The key benefits of the Bryaden CPR manikin include three indicator lights for monitoring correct procedures, unique blood circulation indicators that adjust speed to simulate blood flow, aiding in understanding blood circulation during CPR, compression quality indicators for efficient compression performance, and realistic chest rise during proper ventilation.

This manikin is ideal for trainers who teach CPR fundamentals and illustrate how CPR restores blood flow to vital organs. Its advanced features make it suitable for a more technical CPR basics training approach, providing valuable teaching opportunities.

PRESTAN Ultralite Manikin w/ CPR Feedback – Single Manikin

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The PRESTAN Ultralite Manikin w/ CPR Feedback is the ultimate on-the-go manikin for trainers and students. This manikin features one manikin torso, one manikin head, one upgraded compression piston, ten face shield/lung bags, and a nylon carry bag. The upgraded compression piston, which monitors the rate and depth of CPR compressions, makes this manikin compliant with both the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Red Cross (ARC) CPR Feedback Requirements.


A monitor light on the manikin’s shoulder helps indicate performance quality, turning red for incorrect compressions and green for correct ones. Moreover, these Ultralite Manikins are called “ultra-light” for a reason! Weighing just under 4 pounds and offering the same quality and durability as other PRESTAN products, these CPR manikins are ideal for the traveling CPR trainer and student. They also are affordable, accessible, and easy to maintain and clean compared to other competing brands and models.

Value Pack CPR Manikins

Multiple or bulk quantities of CPR manikins can be beneficial for various individuals, organizations, and institutions involved in CPR training courses that require a classroom setting. When numerous students are enrolled in a CPR course, having multiple CPR manikins available for practice can accommodate a more hands-on approach for students to train multiple trainees simultaneously. Some may turn away from buying in bulk due to cost, but we’re here to prove that value packs can be more cost-effective in the long run.

CPR Prompt 7 Packs: 5-Adult/Child & 2-Infant Combo Pack TAN

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The CPR Prompt 7 Packs: 5 Adult/Child & 2 Infant Combo Pack is a training tool for CPR training targeting various aged victims. This pack includes five adult/child manikins and two infant manikins. You also will receive 50 adult/child and 20 infant face-shield/lung bags and insertion tools, all packed in one durable nylon carrying case. All parts are NOT made with natural rubber latex.


The benefits of this combo are twofold – not only does it cover multiple age groups in a single package, making it cost-effective, but it is also lightweight and easily compact in a carrying case, making it great for on-the-go instructors. This pack is particularly well-suited for trainers in larger groups or group training who require manikins of different age ranges.


PRESTAN Diversity Ultralite Manikins w/CPR Feedback Monitors 12-Pack

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The PRESTAN Diversity Ultralite Manikins w/ CPR Feedback Monitors 12-pack features 12 manikin torsos, 12 manikin heads, 12 upgraded compression pistons, 150 faceshield/lung bags, and a deluxe carrying case with wheels and retractable pull handles.


The benefit of these manikins is that they feature an upgraded compression piston that monitors the rate and depth of CPR, ensuring that users meet the American Heart Association (AHA) and American Red Cross (ARC) CPR Feedback Requirements. These Ultralite Manikins are lightweight, weighing less than 4 pounds each, yet maintain PRESTAN’s quality and durability.


They are ideal for trainers who are often on the go or need a compact, stackable solution for storing multiple CPR manikin components, making CPR training more accessible and convenient.

CPR Prompt Classroom Pack: 20-Adult/Child & 8-Infant Combo Pack TAN

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The CPR Prompt Classroom Pack includes 20 adult/child and eight infant manikins along with 200 adult/child and 80 infant face-shield/lung bags, four insertion tools, and four sturdy nylon carrying cases. It’s also designed latex-free.

The benefits of this pack are its bulk quantity, suitable for trainers who need to teach CPR in large groups, and its lightweight design for easy portability. It’s ideal for educators and trainers who require a substantial number of manikins for their CPR classes, making it a convenient and cost-effective choice.

Customer review: “This was a huge asset to our training department. We saved money buying it as a pack and will allow for class size growth. The shipment arrived in 2 days and we were able to use it the same week.”

Specialty CPR Manikins

Specialty CPR manikins are a step beyond the basic CPR manikins and are used to add an additional skillset to students’ CPR training. Specialized manikins have the potential to mimic unique scenarios where a patient may be bariatric and need extra attention, or the victim needs assistance from an AED device.

Having manikins that support a variety of training scenarios takes your training sessions to the next level to provide learners with a more advanced and targeted training experience. For specialty CPR manikin accessories, check out AEDSuperstore’s Valuable Add-Ons to Your CPR Training Course.

AMBU CPR Pal (4 Pack)

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The AMBU CPR Pal – 4-pack is a set of CPR manikins with unique ventilation capabilities. This 4-pack comes with four manikins, eight replacement face pieces, 100 head bags, and a carrying case to hold all of these pieces. The lightweight manikins have a unique patented hygienic system that protects students and makes internal cleaning easy. The airways of the manikins only open when hyper-extended, making them a great choice for ventilation practice.

The benefit of choosing the AMBU CPR Pal over other options in the market is the high quality at a lower price point. Whether you are a student or a CPR instructor, these manikins are ideal for practicing head tilting, ventilation techniques, and basic CPR.

Laerdal Little Anne Training System

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Are you looking for a manikin that can help with AED use training? The Laerdal Little Anne Training System is a comprehensive CPR training kit that includes a clothed manikin, Laerdal training electrode pads, 1 Philips AED Trainer 2, a Little Anne soft/pack training mat, and a carrying case.

The AED Trainer, the special Link training pads, and the Little Anne manikin work together to provide feedback on the correct placement of electrode pads, aligning with the American Heart Association G2010 Guidelines.


An LED in the manikin’s chest indicates the center of the correct pad placement and lights up when pads are attached. If an electrode is loose or improperly placed, the trainer will provide a voice prompt for correction.


This kit is ideal for CPR and AED trainers aiming to teach both skills effectively. The clothing on the manikin also adds an extra touch of realism by adding a simulating obstacle like clothing removal during an emergency where rescuers need to learn to act quickly.

Customer Review: “Training Model-Excellent! Great model at great price”

Life/form Bariatric Manikin, Dark Skin Tone

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The Life/form Bariatric Manikin is a specialized training tool designed to help students prepare for real-life cardiac situations involving elderly or overweight individuals. This kit includes the manikin, three mouth/nose pieces, three disposable lung/airway systems, and a convenient carrying bag.


This manikin’s key features include an elderly physical appearance, a large body type with an extra “fat” layer, lifelike head tilt, and chin lift for learning proper airway opening. Students and trainers can manipulate the airway to simulate airway obstructions or choking incidents.


This unique manikin is ideal for trainers conducting specialized courses focused on bariatric CPR or choking emergency training, offering a more realistic experience for students. It is also a great investment for students who may work in a bariatric workplace where patients may be at a higher risk for cardiac emergencies.


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Professional CPR Manikins

Professional CPR Manikins are the top-of-the-line for the most advanced training opportunities. These models typically offer a heightened level of realism, featuring lifelike airways, chest movements, and realistic anatomical features.


Professional CPR manikins are typically equipped with cutting-edge technology to provide real-time feedback on compressional depth, rate, recoil, and ventilation technique. That’s not all! Many even have Bluetooth capabilities to hook up to a smartphone, tablet, or screen to make a more interactive learning environment for students.

Brayden Pro CPR Training Manikin

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The Brayden Pro CPR Training Manikin features the same significant assets as the original Brayden Manikin, but the Pro also includes enhanced features like Bluetooth capabilities! This pro kit includes one spare face, one lung bag, ten face shields, 6 “C” cell batteries, instructions for use, and a carry bag/kneeling pad. The tablet pictured is NOT included.


This manikin connects to an app and feedback screens, offering real-time CPR feedback and measuring hands-off time and ventilation performance. It tracks performance with eight key CPR metrics for analysis and debriefing.


Because of this manikin’s ability to be set for different responder skill levels, which are 1 or 2 responder scenarios, ventilation only, or compression only, this manikin makes it great for trainers looking for a versatile manikin for customized training courses.

PRESTAN Professional Series 2000 Adult Manikin (Single) Dark Skin Tone

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The PRESTAN Professional Series 2000 Adult Manikin includes a single professional CPR manikin, a rate/depth monitor with Bluetooth connectivity, one breath sensor, one color ID label, ten adult face shields/ventilation lung bags, a carrying bag, and instructions.


This manikin’s Advanced Feedback feature monitors important aspects of CPR performance, such as compression rate, depth, recoil, ventilation, and hands-off time. All this data can be sent to a smartphone or tablet through the Bluetooth-enabled PRESTAN CPR Feedback app, available for both Apple iOS and Android devices.


The CPR manikin is ideal for various training scenarios. Instructors can choose between advanced or basic feedback options, making it suitable for different teaching methods. With real-time feedback displayed on a screen, instructors can create engaging and interactive learning sessions. Students can watch their compressions and compete against each other to achieve the correct compression depth and rate, making CPR training engaging and a fun learning environment.

Laerdal Resusci Anne QCPR Full Body w/Airway Head w/Trolley Case – Rechargeable

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The Laerdal Resusci Anne QCPR Full Body with Airway Head and Trolley Case is a CPR training manikin with many features and benefits. It includes a full-body manikin, three decorated faces, two airways, two compression springs, airway lubricant, an eye set, a trolley case, a jacket & pants, a USB cable, an AC Power Adapter, and 50 manikin wipes.


Key Benefits of this manikin:

  • Real-time feedback indicators of CPR performance
  • Airway head to allow airway management training
  • Realistic anatomy and size for practicing patient handling and first aid


The manikin can also be customized with different limb parts for an added realism effect. The disposable airways and removable/reusable faces make it a cost-efficient and hygienic option for multiple students.


This professional kit is ideal for trainers and students who may need to perform CPR frequently and need practice in emergencies, like moving a person safely away from hazardous areas before using devices like AEDs.


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CPR Manikin Comparison

Ultimately, finding the perfect CPR training manikin is up to you! There’s a manikin out there to match every training level and need, whether you’re just beginning your journey or striving for CPR master status. Use the chart below to compare the manikin features, benefits, and pricing to choose an option that best suits your needs.

Categories Basic CPR Manikins Value Package CPR Manikins Professional CPR Manikins Specialty CPR Manikins
Features Basic CPR manikins are typically your all-in-one kit, with a basic manikin body and CPR monitors to show rate and depth of CPR compressions. Same features as the basic CPR manikins, but may be lighter weight or made with different material to make them easier for traveling in bulk. Advanced features including lifelike airways, chest movements, and realistic anatomical features. Typically include real-time feedback and some even have bluetooth capabilities. A step above basic CPR manikins, specialty manikins have the potential to mimic unique rescue scenarios.
  • “All-in-one” kit
  • Easy to maintain, clean, and store
  • Affordable options
  • Bulk quantities
  • Cost-effective
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Top-of-the line CPR manikins
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Long-lasting
  • Advanced training sessions
  • More targeted training experience
  • Unique skillset
Ideal Candidate Ideal for trainers who teach CPR fundamentals and have a technical CPR basics training approach. Ideal for group trainers who teach in larger classroom settings and are constantly on the go. Ideal for trainers looking for a versatile manikin for customized advanced training courses. Ideal for trainers looking to teach specialty courses and give a more targeted training session.
Pricing $150-$650 $700-$2000 $230-$3700 $600-$1,050
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