Sudden Cardiac Arrest

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“I wish more people knew SCA affects roughly 16 people under the age of 18 every day”.

At AED Superstore, we are always looking for ways to help communities place more AEDs where they can do the most good.

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If you call 911 and an ambulance arrives, are you obligated to ride in the ambulance? That depends on circumstances. Learn what your rights are when it comes to emergency transportation.

AED Superstore was pleased to donate a ZOLL AED Plus unit…

Simon’s Fund, a nonprofit raising awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and death in youth athletes, teamed up with five local Philadelphia university men’s basketball teams and AED Superstore to donate AED devices

In the case of basketball players, there are a range of conditions which lead them to be more susceptible to sudden cardiac arrest at a young age both on and off the court.

A three-sport athlete most of his life, Michael had only had minor signs there may be a problem – shortness of breath on occasion, and some fatigue beyond what should have been the norm.

Wes Wagoner, a five-year veteran customer service representative at AED Superstore, recently decided to become a volunteer EMT for his hometown Fire and Rescue Department

The Chain of Survival has been established as the ideal scenario to give sudden cardiac arrest victims the best chance at survival.

Everyone at an emergency scene has a role to play. Some are specific to job duties, others may be circumstantial. All are critical to the survival of the victims involved.

Lights, sirens, action! The life of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) can be exciting, exhausting, and fulfilling.