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The LifeVac Airway Clearance Device has saved over 135 choking victim’s lives with it’s simple, easy-to-use design.

AED Superstore now carries AeraMax Professional Air Purifiers by Fellowes. While most air purifiers rid indoor areas of odors, smoke, dust, mold, and other allergens, the AeraMax Professional series goes even further to decrease the number of virus particles in the air as well.

AEDStatus gives you peace of mind your AED will be ready to rescue in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest event.

The FDA has given ZOLL the green light to sell its technologically advanced ZOLL AED® 3 for use by the general public. But what sets it apart?

Are you looking for a portable, lightweight ultrasound system to aid in patient diagnostics in urgent situations? The Lumify Ultrasound System from Philips has three available transducers and connects to a phone or tablet.

Beaty by Medical Feedback Technologies is a small device which makes a big impact on performing quality CPR when someone is in sudden cardiac arrest. Learn more about this affordable, compact, and simple device.

AED Superstore offers the HeartSine® Gateway remote monitoring system for the HeartSine 350P, 360P, and 450P AEDs, making it simpler to maintain these devices.

As one of the pioneering companies in the defibrillator field, it should be no surprise Physio-Control has once again brought innovation to the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest.

AED Superstore is excited to add S.T.A.T. Medical Devices tourniquets to our line-up of products. These tourniquets are made in the USA with latex-free materials and have features which make them simple for a layperson to use

Back in October of 2015, the White House implemented the “Stop the Bleed” campaign…

Hurricanes this season have taught us it is imperative to be prepared for emergencies and have a plan in place.

If you had a known genetic predisposition to a deadly disease or condition, would you take advantage of technology to remove the DNA which causes the disease in your offspring?

AED Superstore is proud to add the new Prestan AED UltraTrainerTM to our line-up of great Prestan products.

Full Power AED’s Rapid Hair Removal Pads…means better adhesion which equals better conduction of electricity to an SCA victim’s heart during defibrillation.

If you call 911 and an ambulance arrives, are you obligated to ride in the ambulance? That depends on circumstances. Learn what your rights are when it comes to emergency transportation.

The main focus of American Heart Month is preventing Heart Disease – the leading cause of death in the United States – and that’s fantastic. Heart disease can lead to a myriad of complications and lifelong life-threatening illnesses. It can also lead to heart attacks and, ultimately, sudden cardiac arrest. There are many great articles out there which address heart disease prevention, offering tips, advice, and ways to breach the subject with loved ones you may be concerned about. A simple Google search for “preventing heart disease” will take you to a list of credible, authoritative sites. We highly recommend …