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We all want to do our part to help the environment, and there are lots of questions when it comes to how to dispose of batteries…

In this article, we tackle the tricky question of third-party accessories and why you should never consider using them with your AED.

So why don’t AED manufacturers have interchangeable accessories such as electrode pads and batteries?

AED Superstore was pleased to donate a ZOLL AED Plus unit…

Simon’s Fund, a nonprofit raising awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and death in youth athletes, teamed up with five local Philadelphia university men’s basketball teams and AED Superstore to donate AED devices

A three-sport athlete most of his life, Michael had only had minor signs there may be a problem – shortness of breath on occasion, and some fatigue beyond what should have been the norm.

Wes Wagoner, a five-year veteran customer service representative at AED Superstore, recently decided to become a volunteer EMT for his hometown Fire and Rescue Department

The Chain of Survival has been established as the ideal scenario to give sudden cardiac arrest victims the best chance at survival.

If the only thing holding you back from purchasing an AED for your business is the concern over a potential lawsuit, tune in to eHealth Radio

AED Superstore is always looking for ways to help place AEDs where they will be most beneficial to communities.

AED Superstore encourages all sports arenas, fields, and courts to have an AED

Purchasing an AED can be a bit of a financial challenge for some. The importance is understood, the need is there, but sometimes the money just is not. At AED Superstore, we are always looking for ways to help communities place more AEDs where they can do the most good. This is why we are offering a $2000 grant twice each year to those in need. The grant is designed to ensure the recipient has the funds to purchase any of the AEDs offered by AED Superstore, along with the supplies and accessories necessary to begin an AED program. We …

AED Superstore sponsors a bi-annual scholarship for students entering or currently enrolled in college. We ask these students to either write a short essay or produce a short video telling us which of the sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) facts we listed on our scholarship application page came as a surprise to them, or that they wish more people knew about. We received thousands of submissions over the course of the last two application periods, and realize we have a long way to go when it comes to educating the general public about AEDs, how they work, and the startling statistics …

Saving lives and protecting the public is the foundation of police work. One Northwoods police department will now have the means to do both more quickly.

It is common knowledge effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is necessary in order to have an impact on the survival rate of a cardiac arrest victim.

Volunteers from AED Superstore and the Arbor Vitae Fire Department teamed up to teach kids fire safety and compression-only CPR.