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Learn about which AEDs are best for home use and why. Understand the costs, benefits, and other important considerations when looking for an AED for home.

AED Superstore is excited to add S.T.A.T. Medical Devices tourniquets to our line-up of products. These tourniquets are made in the USA with latex-free materials and have features which make them simple for a layperson to use

Our latest round of scholarship finalists made it exceptionally difficult to select just one winner from the over 1300 applications we received. Meet our latest $1000 Scholarship winner!

The unthinkable happens. Do you know what to do in a situation where someone has suffered an injury leading to life-threatening bleeding?

We are excited to announce our winner of the most recent $2,000 grant to be used toward the purchase of an AED and supplies is …

B & G Educational Innovations, LLC’s, ReaLifeSim IV trainers are truly something unique when it comes to teaching students how to locate vessels to place IV’s.  Realistic size, skin feel, and flashback give the student immediate feedback.

Sara Henn unravels the mystery of AED Ownership Laws in an interview with eHealth Radio.

Back in October of 2015, the White House implemented the “Stop the Bleed” campaign…

More than 350,000 people suffer out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest every year, yet there are many who don’t give it a second thought until it strikes them or a loved one.

His school is apprehensive about Wyatt attending with his current diagnosis since there is no AED available should he have a cardiac event.

Hurricanes this season have taught us it is imperative to be prepared for emergencies and have a plan in place.

As part of the company’s 15 year anniversary, employees here at AED Superstore learned they would each be able to donate an automated external defibrillator…

“I wish more people knew SCA affects roughly 16 people under the age of 18 every day”.

At AED Superstore, we are always looking for ways to help communities place more AEDs where they can do the most good.

Full Power AED’s Rapid Hair Removal Pads…means better adhesion which equals better conduction of electricity to an SCA victim’s heart during defibrillation.