BVMs? We Got ‘Em!


BVM is short for Bag Valve Mask, which consists of a CPR mask, one-way valve with filter, and a silicone bag which will deliver air to the patient when squeezed. BVMs are used by medical professionals like emergency medical technicians, first responders, or hospital personnel in situations where a patient is having difficulty breathing or is not breathing on their own. Some BVMs come with reservoirs and/or supplemental oxygen barbs. BVMs are used in rescue situations in place of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation or as a temporary replacement for mechanical ventilators. Learn more about the history and use of a BVM in our in-depth guide to BVMs.

Keeping in mind BVMs are intended for use by medical professionals, AED Superstore stocks a full line of BVMs which includes both disposable and reusable models with sizes from neonate to adult. Manufacturers include AMBU®, Laerdal®, CPR Prompt®, Nasco, and PerSys. All AED Superstore BVMs are latex-free and made of medical grade silicone or PVC.

AMBU invented the BVM, which are also known as AMBU (Artificial Manual Breathing Unit) bags or manual resuscitators. In today’s world, the name AMBU has become synonymous for all BVMs.

Thumbnail[2]AMBU’s SPUR II© BVM series is widely recognized as the industry standard. AMBU’s Mark III is a reusable military-grade resuscitator for use in toxic atmosphere environments. The Mark IV Baby BVM is also reusable and features a pressure-limiting valve (4.0 kPa) which helps prevent over-inflation of delicate infant lungs.                                                                                                     Thumbnail[3]

Laerdal’s The Bag II® disposable BVMs are available in sizes from infant to large adult. The adjustable strap allows for operation by anyone, no matter how large or small their hands may be. An economical price makes this BVM an obvious choice. The LSR (Laerdal Silicone Resuscitator) is reusable and can be autoclaved up to 134ºC.

Thumbnail[1]PerSys Medical’s Pocket BVMs are uniquely designed to be stored in a pocket-sized container. The BVM is collapsed into itself for storage and easily expands when the container is opened. The Pocket BVM is for single-use only, but can be cleaned and reused for training; it is ideal for military use or in any instance where space is at a premium.            Thumbnail[3] (2)

Nasco’s Disposable Resuscitator features a textured PVC bag for sure grip and comfort. The clear, flexible PVC cushion face mask ensures a tight seal, while a one-way valve with filter directs exhaled gas away from the caregiver. It also includes a medication/manometer port for use with Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) or syringe.

Thumbnail[2] (2)CPR Prompt’s BVM features a transparent patient valve allowing for visual check of operation. It also includes a support strap and is disposable, so there is no need for sterilization.

We have a BVM for any situation with prices to fit any budget. Check out our complete line of BVMs at AED Superstore!

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