Are You Compliant?

Let’s say you purchased an AED for your facility. You’ve researched which AED best suits your needs, you made the purchase, received your shipment and have it all set up and ready for use in an emergency. Big question: Are you compliant?

Have you looked into your state and local laws and/or regulations regarding AED ownership? Were you aware that these exist? How do you go about getting all of this information?

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends Medical Direction for all AED Programs. Many states require it. Even if it is not currently a requirement in your state, it may be soon. Either way, Medical Direction is a service that can greatly assist you in implementing and maintaining your AED Program.

Arch™ Medical Direction from Annuvia is easy to acquire, easy to use, and will keep you compliant with all state, local, and federal AED requirements. It will also help you keep track of when to replenish your AED consumables (like pads, batteries) with email/text reminders. Wondering where to place the AED, how many people should be trained in its use, maybe a million other questions about AED ownership? Arch Medical Direction can help with those, too! Check out the video!

State legislatures are not only jumping on the regulatory bandwagon, we have also seen state laws change from time to time. You can count on Arch Medical Direction to keep your AED legally compliant and ready for any Sudden Cardiac Arrest emergency! Click on the Arch Medical Direction link above for more information and details on purchasing Arch.

As an AED owner you have a multitude of tasks and minutiae on your plate. Let Arch Medical Direction & Program Management assist with that burden. You have enough to do already!

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