AeraMax Professional Air Purifiers

The Easiest Way to Improve Air Quality for Health

AED Superstore is pleased to announce we now carry AeraMax Professional Air Purifiers by Fellowes. Most air purifiers help rid indoor areas of odors, smoke, dust, mold, and other allergens, but the AeraMax Professional series incorporates technology that goes even further to decrease the number of virus particles in the air as well. In our quest to help customers make their environments safer, we feel the AeraMax Pro air purifiers are the perfect addition to our product offerings as they provide the best way to clean the air we breathe all day, every day.

The importance of clean air can not be overstated, especially since we have seen what the emergence of new viruses can do to our way of life. Tests have shown aerosolized viruses can linger in the air and travel farther than previously thought. For example, the CDC has classified the COVID-19 virus as an airborne contagion. Since its size is smaller than 5 microns, it can remain airborne longer, especially in confined areas. One study in China found that viable aerosolized SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) could reach up to 13 feet. And that is only one example. Who knows what future viruses or contagions may be headed our way?


4-Stage Filtration System

AeraMax Professional Air Purifiers use a system of four filters to clean the air as efficiently as possible. (image)

  1. The pre-filter captures large particles and contaminants and helps protect the lifespan of the filters behind it.
  2. Active Carbon filtration absorbs odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air.
  3. The True HEPA filter captures and traps 99.97% of airborne particles*. Additionally, anti-microbial treatment on the HEPA filter effectively reduces the development of bacteria and fungi on the filter itself.
  4. The PlasmaTrue™ Bipolar Ionizer improves the capture efficiency of the particulate filter.


Just Right for Your Space

Finding an air purifier powerful enough to clean your unique space can be a challenge. AeraMax Professional Air Purifiers come in three sizes, each with the capacity to efficiently and effectively clean different sized spaces.

Installation options allow for flexibility in where the device is placed. Many commercial-grade air purifiers are placed on the floor and are not as effective at pulling contaminants from air spaces higher in the room. AeraMax Professional purifiers can be installed higher up on a wall either with a recess kit (hardwired to your electrical system), securely mounted to the wall (either hardwired or with an external outlet plug), or can be placed on any flat surface within a stand for more flexibility in room placement.


Air Purity You Can See

Want to know how pure your air is? The Pro 3 and Pro 4 are available with PureView™ technology which involves two laser particle counters monitoring the air quality as it enters and exits the machine. The screen has two modes that can display the real-time air quality data one of two ways:

  • Room Status: displays the current air quality in the room and the percentage of particles being captured.
  • PM2.5: displays the PM2.5 levels entering the unit and being removed in the filtration process.

Additionally, these screens also show VOC/Odor levels and include filter change reminders.


How AeraMax is different from Other Air Purifiers

The biggest difference between AeraMax Professional Air Purifiers and others on the market is its patented EnviroSmart™ technology. Noise levels and filter life are two things consumers should consider when purchasing an air purifier. Most other air purifiers are either on or off. While some may offer the option of adjusting the fan speed, there’s little way of knowing if the adjustments are the most beneficial to the environment. EnvioSmart allows the AeraMax Professional to work effectively when it needs to, but then shift to standby mode when it can. This saves energy and extends the life of the filters. The two sensing modes are:

  • Normal Mode: automatically adjusts between all fan speeds to control air quality (ideal for most shared spaces)
  • Quiet Mode: uses quieter fan speeds when the space is occupied, and all fan speeds when space is unoccupied (ideal where noise could be a concern)

How to Purchase

All configurations of the AeraMax Professional air purifiers are available here on our website. If you need more information, AED Superstore’s excellent customer service team is ready to answer your calls and questions about the Fellowes AeraMax Professional series of air purifiers. Simply call 1-800-544-0048. 



* Verified HEPA capture efficiency at 0.3 microns

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