AEDStatus is Always Working, Even When You Aren’t!

Remote Monitoring that works with every AED!

What if we told you there’s a simple, easy way to make sure your AED is always in working order, even if you don’t manually check it every month?

An AED is one of those things you have and hope you never have to use, but when you do need it a life literally hangs in the balance. Maintaining an AED, however, is one of those tasks that sometimes fall by the wayside as AED owners get busy with other responsibilities. And an AED that doesn’t work when you need it is no good to anyone, especially a sudden cardiac arrest victim.

Introducing AEDStatus – the first remote monitoring device that works wirelessly with all AEDs currently sold in the US! 

How it works:

  • The AEDStatus sensor mat sits flush behind the AED in the AED Cabinet.
  • It reads the electromagnetic signal released by the AED every time the AED performs a self-check. 
  • AEDStatus then sends an update to your Arch* account. 
  • If there’s a problem with your AED, an email is sent to let you know the device needs attention.

    This hassle-free, self-managing system has a seven-year operating life and a two-year warranty. Once installed and set up, the only time you ever have to worry about your AED is if something is amiss. You will be notified of any issues promptly either by AEDStatus if your AED fails its self-test, or directly from Arch when your supplies are reaching their expiration dates. This allows these situations to be handled in a timely manner, keeping you compliant with state laws and prepared for a cardiac emergency.

Want to learn more? Go to our informational page about this device here.  

*An Arch Medical Direction and Program Management subscription is required to enable functionality.

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