AED Superstore Supports Local Ice Rink

From left: Bob McDonald(ERRA President), Stacy Ray (Jeff Newton’s fiance), Sara Olson (AED Superstore)

With our long winter season, it’s no surprise hockey is a major part of life up here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. From the time they are old enough to hold a stick, most kids are put on the ice and taught the finer points of following the puck. Both boys and girls leagues are exceptionally active, and most communities up here have an ice rink which supports both hockey and figure skating.

Sara Olson, Team Leader here at Allied 100, is no exception to the hockey lifestyle. She grew up in the sport and, when she found out one of the long-time youth hockey coaches at her “home rink” had passed from sudden cardiac arrest, she knew she had to find a way to make sure the Eagle River Recreation Arena had all the equipment it needed to provide treatment if it ever happened again. The rink had an AED, but it was not visible to the rescuers on the day Jeff (Newt) Newton, 53, collapsed and died while playing adult hockey. AED Superstore donated a cabinet with strobe light and alarm, and signage to the rink so the AED could be placed where it would be easily located should anyone find themselves in another cardiac arrest rescue situation.

AED Superstore encourages all sports arenas, fields, and courts to have an AED available during all practices and games. Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, and physical exertion has been shown to increase the likelihood of an event. Investing in life-saving equipment is always a good play!

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