AED Superstore Partners with Simon’s Fund to Help Youth Organizations

AED Superstore is always looking for ways to help place AEDs where they will be most beneficial to communities. Recently, we partnered with Simon’s Fund, a nonprofit organization focused on raising awareness about sudden cardiac arrest and death in youth. is their new initiative which works to help organizations raise funds for AED purchases.

Simon was only three months old when he passed away from Long QT Syndrome, a relatively rare heart condition which affects approximately 1 in 7000 people, and often goes undiagnosed until cardiac arrest occurs. After his death, Simon’s parents, Darren and Phyllis Sudman, were checked and Phyllis was diagnosed with the same condition. Seeing a need for awareness, they started Simon’s Fund in honor of their son.

Many people do not associate sudden cardiac arrest with children, but the statistics show on average 16 people under the age of 18 die of sudden cardiac arrest every day, and it is one of the leading causes of death among student athletes. Everyone has a heart; therefore, everyone can have a heart condition. When heart conditions go undiagnosed, that is when tragedy can occur. The only proven treatment for sudden cardiac arrest is defibrillation.

Working with AED Superstore and other partners, is a crowdfunding site which gives youth-based organizations the opportunity to start a campaign to raise funds for an AED device. Once their fundraising goals are reached, AED Superstore works with the organization to provide the very best pricing available.

Anyone can use an AED Device and anyone can save a life. The purpose of GotAED is to make sure that every school, along with other youth-based organizations, are prepared for any cardiac arrest emergency. For more information on using GotAED, or to contribute to participating schools, go to

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