AED Superstore Now Carrying North American Rescue Bleeding Control Kits

Be prepared!

AED Superstore is pleased to announce we have partnered with North American Rescue to offer high-quality and complete Bleeding Control Kits. Back in October of 2015, the White House implemented the “Stop the Bleed” campaign to “encourage bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency before professional help arrives.”

Just like having an AED nearby increases the chance of survival for a victim of sudden cardiac arrest, a kit designed to stop significant bleeding increases the survival of a victim who has suffered a traumatic bleeding wound. In addition, just like during sudden cardiac arrest, time is of the essence. A person who is bleeding profusely can die of blood loss within 5 minutes if not treated.

Catastrophic weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes can cause injuries involving blood loss. Active shooter events in schools, malls, churches, transportation hubs and other venues where large gatherings occur are an all-too-real possibility. Vehicle accidents can cause multiple traumas including bleeding. Bleeding control kits offer the best chance of survival for those suffering from rapid blood loss.

The North American Rescue kits come in four configurations:

  1. Basic, which contains a C-A-T Tourniquet, a 1 x 6-inch Responder Emergency Trauma Dressing, two NAR Compressed Gauze, two pairs of Bear Claw Gloves (nitrile), Trauma Shears, one PVC Bleeding Control Patch, one small permanent marker, and instructions.
  2. Intermediate has all the components of the Basic but also includes a HyFin Chest Seal Compact Vent Twin Pack.
  3. Advanced contains all the components of the Basic and Intermediate but also includes one Combat Gauze LE Z-Fold Hemostatic Dressing.
  4. Advanced BCD is the same as the Advanced but has a one QuikClot Bleeding Control Dressing instead of the Combat Gauze.

You can purchase the kits packaged in either a red, zippered nylon bag or in a vacuum sealed pouch. The vacuum pouches are available in five and eight-pack configurations as well, and the red nylon bag is available as an eight-pack. Clearly labeled recessed metal, or surface-mount clear polycarbonate cabinets for the kits are a smart option for ease of access and visibility.

To learn more about the North American Rescue Bleeding Control Kits, click here.

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